Andersen, Hendrick Christian [Hrsg.]; Hébrard, Ernest M. [Hrsg.]
Creation of a world centre of communication — Paris, 1913

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world, can but stimulate the tendency to harmony between nation and nation,
and thus bring nearer the possibilities of lasting peace.

As we trace the progress of man from prehistoric ages up to the present
day; as we note his material and spiritual achievements and learn what were
the happiest conditions of their growth, it becomes evident that unity and
peace were the essential factors of his noblest inspirations. And as time goes
on, humanity is ever more hopeful that peace will at length gather the whole
world beneath her wings, so that all nations may mount ever higher to the
goal of divinity. The souls of all men in the sight of God are as one.
Surely the blending of humanity into one complete unity of purpose and desire
can but have been foreseen from the beginning, and it is our duty and privi-
lege in life to help to bring all human efforts into one grand harmony.

Clearly outlined, the eyes of the soul discern the splendid form of
Humanity rising in majestic dignity from earth towards heaven. With the
whole world as pedestal it ever rises with suppliant, outstretched arms, offering
itself with humble devotion to its Creator — the embodiment of the universal
soul mounting in appealing harmony towards the divine source of life.

Founded in Purity and Love, and strengthened by Justice, the nations
of the world must ultimately blend harmoniously into one great family.
Humanity's mission is to realise that Kingdom of Heaven on earth, visioned
from within by the spirit of man. Ever nearer Divinity mounts the human
race and ever increasingly is the fact brought home to man, that, in the eyes
of the Divine Creator the hitherto irreconcilable tribes of the earth were
originally conceived and created as ONE.

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