Andersen, Hendrick Christian [Hrsg.]; Hébrard, Ernest M. [Hrsg.]
Creation of a world centre of communication — Paris, 1913

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the basin and forms a simple promenade completely surrounded by steps.
The second, also circular, leads by four symmetrical staircases to the third;
the supporting walls of this terrace are ornamented with innumerable little
water-falls tumbling into basins below. The terrace, very much wider, is in
the shape of a square; four semicircles project from the corners, and two
larger ones from two of the opposite sides. Broad stairs lead to the level


of the ground, and from the walls of the semicircles hundreds of water jets
leap sparkling into basins beneath. Between the jets stand a multitude of
bronze children in high relief holding wreaths and garlands. Thus, the
elevation of the fountain is slightly pyramidal, but separate flights of a few
steps each suffice to reach the several levels. The waters of the central
basin, that cover the mosaics, fall, from the two lower levels, in cascades,
following the curving outline of the terrace parapets.

These mosaics form the central note of colour and will be clearly seen
beneath the surface of shallow water which will cover them. The sequence
ot the seasons, and their variety of tints, passing over the world and enrich-
ing it by their changes, are represented by four symbolic figures of women,
whose bodies, wrapped in brightly coloured garments, radiate in opposite
directions. With outstretched arms and flowing hair wreathed in leaves and
flowers, they hold closely together in the centre. From their midst, a jet of
water may be made to spring high in the air. Rich designs in blue and gold
are to be carried out upon the parapets, as well as upon the pedestals of the
several groups, to give life and variety to these architectural designs.

At night, the whole fountain can be illuminated from beneath by lights

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