Andersen, Hendrick Christian [Hrsg.]; Hébrard, Ernest M. [Hrsg.]
Creation of a world centre of communication — Paris, 1913

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through human forms, harmoniously
blending them into a moving whole.
Love, fellowship, serenity and immorta-
lity, infused into the animated forms
of humanity, are symbolised by ideal
groupings of man and woman united
by the sweet fruit of love, and created
to flow, as living waters, from morning
through the day into the evening, and
thence into the night of eternity.

The two equestrian statues, sym-
metrically placed in the semicircles on
either side of the lower terrace, are
composed of a horse and rider, the one
a man, the other a woman, bearing
upon their shoulders two little children,
the younger generation. These little
ones, though securely resting in the
shadow of wings, the symbol of thought,
hold themselves firmly in their high po-
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