Andersen, Hendrick Christian [Hrsg.]; Hébrard, Ernest M. [Hrsg.]
Creation of a world centre of communication — Paris, 1913

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righteousness by an invisible hand. Their purity and holiness were from the
beginning conceived by the Almighty. Religion defines their spiritual mission
more clearly. In the light of science superstition and unrighteous human
motives disappear as rapidly as the morning dew beneath the sun's rays.

To bring together all religions in a temple, built with hands, would be
to lay the first stone of a temple, not made with hands, wherein would be
enshrined the Kingdom of Heaven upon earth, — a temple visible, not to the
bodily eye, but to the soul's, crowned by a dome of righteous aspirations,
fashioned of love and purity of spirit, and jewelled with tears of gratitude
and joy.

A temple of religions, where all religious systems would be brought
together and studied comparatively, so as to sift out the underlying verities
which are common to all, would be able to form a grand svnthesis of the
highest conceptions of the universe and of man, put in a form to suit every
day needs. A world-embracing religion, satisfying human reason by a true
and comprehensive philosophy, raising art to its rightful and most appea-
ling place in life, and using science as a foundation for the whole structure,
would, it seems reasonable to think, finally crown its work with a noble
morality. Applying the truths it had gathered, it would teach man why he
should lead a pure and noble life, and why evil doing and evil thinking are
against the divine order of things of which he himself forms a part. Satis-
fying all the varied spiritual needs that continuallv emerge throughout the
world, it would surely give the light that could guide mankind through life
to the verv eminence of God.

It is certain that the religious system of the future will be a science,
having as its foundation the great truth that Life, as a mode of energy, is
eternal, and forms a single unity throughout the universe; and it must be
wide enough to include metaphysics and psychology, as well as all the phy-
sical laws, which obtain here, and which may be inferred to exist in other
worlds where evolution processes are doubtless proceeding.

In the divine kingdom, there are no aliens and no outcasts. . In that
grand household all are in their Father's house. When this truth has dawned
upon all men and upon the flower of humanitv in every nation it is alreadv
dawning then the conditions will become possible for a world faith, as they
never have been before, and the sense of the unity of life, discerned by the
growing nobility of the individual, and resting on an eternal basis of divine
truths, will usher in the long sought Brotherhood of man.

A grand Temple of Religions, including the highest inspirations of all
prophets of all nations and all times, would be a logical and practical means
of uniting the great world family, and of bringing all God's people under the
protection pf his divine spirit. An inexhaustible fountain of priceless truths
would flow freely out to the whole world, carrving the inspiration of noble
endeavours and of pure morals, and giving confidence and peace to the trou-
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