Andersen, Hendrick Christian [Hrsg.]; Hébrard, Ernest M. [Hrsg.]
Creation of a world centre of communication — Paris, 1913

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It is for this reason that the appeal is made to the world to take this
great question of vital human interests resolutely into consideration, to
join together to study it carefully upon a scientific basis, to cooperate to
facilitate and create new laws, — international laws that will protect the
labourer as well as the capitalist by the most human methods for the benefit
of all mankind.

And for this reason, among innumerable others, it was thought desirable
in connection with the many interests here united to plan an international
court of justice in which a World Court could be established for the pro-
tection of the interests and rights of international organisations, and for the
expansion of industry, commerce and transportation.

Nothing can so entirely render justice to human efforts as an interna-
tional consensus of opinion. Men feel themselves belonging to one great
family and realise ever more clearly their intimate relationship; and they are
beginning to feel the need of some central legal authority.

It is almost needless to say how essential a World International Court
can be to the nations. More and more states and peoples demand it, and
the sense of the necessity of such a court is growing so strong in the minds
of men, that it is but a question of time before it will be finally established.
We must lay the foundation stones for the generations of the future; we
must guide them as though they were our own children, for in reality, they
are a part of ourselves. Prejudice and personal as well as national vanity
must be laid aside to give a higher impetus to all human motives and to
spread justice, righteousness and peace to all parts of the inhabited world.
The establishment of such a Court of International Justice, protected by
international legislation, would undoubtedly supply the cooperation of nations
with an invaluable protection. It would respect and protect all international
rights and aims by a world sanction of opinion, built upon lines of equity
and by the unity of the expert knowledge of international legal luminaries.
Commercial and industrial interests could be protected by the scientific
study of their essential needs, a study at close range aided by international
cooperation; thus a definite step would be taken towards universal peace.

Avoiding all possible interference with state laws, an international board
of delegates, represented by the ablest men of each nation, with a scientific
knowledge of law, would soon establish an International World Court, so
essential to men and to states and so reassuring to the progress of the future
that it would stand as one of the most humane monuments of all ages.

Shall we acknowledge our brother and deny him? Shall we not rather
unite from all parts of the world to build a kingdom of human endeavour
upon the solid rock of human obligations, and be inspired in the building by
the appealing voice of the multitudes, whose righteous demand weaves a
world harmony of purpose, a mental and physical unity, created by ever
clearer spiritual motives ?
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