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The Antonine Wall report: being an account of excavations, etc., made under the direction of the Glasgow Archæological Society during 1890 - 93 — Glasgow, 1899

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Island of Britain since the time of the Romans," is inscribed
to Quintus Lollius Urbicus.

P • LEG'- II • AV * * ...The 2nd Legion, the August, placed

Q • LOLLIO VR * * this under Quintus Lollius Urbicus,

LEG • AVG PR • PR Legate Propraetore of the Emperor.

This fragmentary stone is figured in

Stuart, Caledonia Romana,1 plate X. [The Emperor's name and titles

The stone itself is in the Hunterian originally preceded, as in the other

Museum, Glasgow .University. The inscriptions below, but they have been

asterisks denote the part where the broken oil'.]

stone is broken. C.I.L. vii. 1125.

Macdonald, Tituli Hunteriani, an

account of the Roman stones in the

Hunterian Museum, 17.

Many stones have express reference to the actual structure
{opus valli), and are therefore referred to here as walling
tablets. These inscriptions absolutely confirm the statement
of Julius Capitolinus, and, moreover,, afford authoritative infor-
mation that the vallum was the work of the 2nd, 6th, and
20th Legions and their auxiliaries.

No fewer than eighteen of the Availing tablets expressly
bearing reference to the work have been found at various
points, some of them in the stations, and some on the line of
the vallum away from the stations altogether. These inscrip-
tions are quoted below. The original texts have been
carefully re-examined by Professor W. M. Ramsay and Mr.


1. —Tablet found at Bridgencss on
the Firth of Forth, believed to mark
the, eastern extremity of the vallum;
now in the Antiquarian Museum,
Edinburgh. C.I.L. vii. 1088.

IMP ■ CAES ' TITO ' AELIO To (or under) the Emperor Caesar

HAPRI • ANTONINO Titus Ae.lius Hadrian Antonine, the

AVG ■ PIO ■ P • P • LEG • II August, the Pious, Father of his

AVG • PER • M ■ P • IIIIDCL • II Country.

FEC The 2nd Legion, the August, did

[the work of the vallum] for 4652 paces.

2. —Tablet found at Castlecary ; now
in Hunterian Museum. See Stuart,
p. 340, plateXV. 10. C.I.L. vii. 1099.
Macdonald, 29.

IMP • CMS ■ T ■ ML • ANT
• AVG • PIO ' P ' P •

COH ■ I • TVNGRO The first cohort of the Tungrians did

RVM • FECIT • od [the work of the vallum for] 1000 [paces. ]

1 All references to Stuart's Caledonia Romana are to the first edition (1845).
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