Glasgow Archaeological Society [Hrsg.]
The Antonine Wall report: being an account of excavations, etc., made under the direction of the Glasgow Archæological Society during 1890 - 93 — Glasgow, 1899

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I. A Brief General Account op the Vallum of Antonine, - 1
Description of its route.

II. A Conspectus of Early Notices concerning the Wall, - 4

1. Roman Authors.

Julius Capitolinus. The Walling Tablets. Text of the
inscriptions. Date of the Wall. Testimonies of
Spartian, Dio Cassius, Herodian, Aurelius Victor,
Eutropius, St. Jerome, Paulus Orosius, Cassio-
dorus, Ammianus, Marcellinus, and Claudian, - 4

2. Gildas, Bede, and Nennius.

Historical and descriptive references by these writers, 16

III. Bo man Precedents regarding the Structure of Earthen

Bamparts, -.........28

Extracts from Hyginus, Vegetius, Caesar, Tacitus, Livy,
Bliny, and Varro.

IV. Modern Structural Accounts of the Wall of Antonine, - 35

Descriptions, etc., by George Buchanan, Timothy Bont,
Alexander Gordon, John Horsley, General Boy,
George Chalmers, and Bobert Stuart.

V. Descriptions of Sections,.....- - - 42

Breliminary Notes,......'--42

How the sections came to be undertaken.

General Remarks on the Interior of the Vallum, - - 44
Belative absence of stones in the vallum proper and
systematic layering in the soils forming it.

Explanatory Sketch,.......-46

Croy Hill,..........- 46

Account of this part of the course of the Wall.

Croy.—Section No. 1. Description, - - - - 48

„ Section No. 2. Description,..... 50

„ Section No. 3. Description,..... 53

„ Section No. 4. Description, = - ■- - 54
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