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The Antonine Wall report: being an account of excavations, etc., made under the direction of the Glasgow Archæological Society during 1890 - 93 — Glasgow, 1899

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Kinross 800 Galba-Severus Wilson, Prehist. ii. 27;

C. R. Smith, Retrospec-
tions, ii.l80(?); Lindsay,
Suppl. 51.

Portraoak (Kinross- 600 Nero-Severus (a.d. Proc.i.( 1851), 60; Lindsay,

shire) 200) Suppl., p. 51.

Leuchars (Fife) More than 100: Pius, N.S.A. iii. 223.
Faustina, Severus

Megray, near Stone- 141 : Galba-Severus Proe. i. (1851), 226; Lind-

haven (Kincardine- say, Suppl., p. 51.

Cowie Moss, near Many, Vespasian- Lindsay, p. 270 [? the same

Stonehaven (Kin- Severus, found 1844 as preceding]; Arch,

cardineshire) Scot. v. App., p. 54.

Silver Burn, near Many Gordon, 186.

Falkirk (near) More than 150: Philip- Stuart, 267, note.

Honorius, bronze:
found 1847

Crichton (Edinburgh- Domitian, Antoninus, Arch. Scot. iii. App. ii.

shire) Tetricus, Postumus, 50. [Probably the coins

Gallienus,Victorinus, of Tetricus and his suc-

Claudius, Licinius, cessors were a hoard of

Constantine,Magnen- "third brass."]
tius, Gratian

Fort Augustus 300 Diocletian [a Scots Mag. (1767), 326;

doubtful record], Chalmers, i. 180.
found 1767

For some instances of Hoards, see (I.) Kirkintilloch, (II.) Edinburgh.

IV.—Isolated Finds {a) S(
(a) Lauder (Berwickshire)

Renton (Berwickshire),

Eckford (Roxburghshire)
Dumfries (near)
Canobie (Dumfries-

Langholm (Dumfries-
shire), near

Urr (Kirkcudbright)

Twynholm (Kirkcud-
Galston (Ayr)

>uth op, (b) North' of

L. Flaminius, Julius

Caesar, &c.
Hadrian: bronze

Faustina: bronze
Trajan : gold
Nero : gold

4 Nero, 1 Otho, 2 Ves-
pasian, 1 Domitian :

Tiberius, Hadrian,

Commodus : silver
Crispus : bronze

Augustus : silver

ie Vallum.

O.S.A. i. 77 [plainly erron-

Arch. Scot. iii. App. ii.

O.S.A., viii., p. 34, note.
Arch. Scot. v. App. 35.
N.S.A. iv. 490.

N.S.A. iv. 420; Stuart,
261 (Otho only) ;
Chalmers, i. 139.

O.S.A. xi. 70; Chalmers,
i. 106.

Proc. vi. (1864), 238.

N.S.A. v. 181.
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