Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1896-1897

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Egypt Exploration Fund.

Col. I.

[A.j&h /naWov e[7r]ep[p](ua-e Kai

[ot] \aiceSaifj,[ovioi} fiaWo/j-e

\y\oL re ap,(j)or[ep]code[v\ v[p]rj

[«]at yiyvop.ev[o~\i ev rail avrwi
1 5 [£~\v/LnrTO)/J.a7i w? fxeiKpov

\ji\eya\w\i\ eixaaai too[i\ ev [0e]p

[fijoirvXai^j ([/ceijvob re yap

[t]t;( aTpaircoi Tr\e p~^ie\6ovTU>v

\t\o)v irepa\w\v Siecf>0api]cra\v~] ov
20 [TOt] Te a/J,<p\i/3o]\oi 7]B[tj] ov\t€]<;

[ov^KtzTi av^rec^o] v [a]\[A.|a 7r[oA,]

[Xot]? re o\t[y~]oi \_fjbax\op,ev\_oi~]

[/c]ti[t] aa\6eveiai\ aco/ja

[Ta)]f &a Trj\j> airJoBeiav v
25 [Ve]^a)poiw [/ecu ot a] drpiaioi [e]

[tfpJaTow ?;S \_r\ toop] e<fco8(OV >
[y]vovs Be o \_Kke~\co\y~\ Kai o hrip.0
[ad^vqs et k\jm o\rroaovovv p,ak


[Xo]v evSwa[o]va\_t^ 8ia<p0apr]cro
30 [/x]evov<; avrovs vrro tt)<; a<pe

[Tejpas aTpcn\_i~\a<; eirauaav rrjv
LfllaXrll/ Kal T0L"> eavTWV aireip
\X\av /3ov\o/j.epoL ayayeiv

Col. 1.

15. fxeiKpov: cf. for the spelling orrktirai in II. 42 ; fUKpoV, Bekk.

10. /xtyaXco eiKacrai or peyaXwi iKao-ai are equally possible readings. Only very slight

traces remain of the two letters transcribed as ei in eiKao-m, and with this

reading there is barely room in the lacuna for the iota adscript of ftcyiihui.

There is, however, no other instance in the fragment of its omission.
23. aadcvciai.: the supplement hardly fills the lacuna, in which there would be room

for two or three more letters. But the scribe is not sufficiently regular to

make it likely that there was any variation from the MSS. reading.
25. tKpuTovv rjSrj : the letters /3 and a, which have been added above these two words,

indicate that their order could be reversed, fjfir] is omitted in d and i. A

letter (? o) has been crossed out after adrjvmoi.

28. It is remarkable that the'superfluoua on before ei, which is found in the MSS.

and read by Bekk., is omitted in the papyrus, which thus bears out the view
of H. Stephanus {Append, ad Script, dc Dialect., p. 77), and others.

29. evhaxrovm : on the analogy of 1. 26 there should here be an overwritten (i to

correspond with the a above evSao-ovcri. Probably it has been lost in the
lacuna at the beginning of the hue, in which case the meaning was that
fiaWov and evSaaovcri might change places.
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