Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1896-1897

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Excavations at Deshasheh.


Col. III.

[A.r/0-t] tyever [o] tow; yap \aice
27 [Sacfioviovs ovre \i]/j.o)l ov[t

Ten lines lost.

38 et ot Te6v6co]

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40 '/• [yo-]a,v aTre[/cpivaTO aural

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49 Se[<r/to(? ....

Arthur S. Hunt.

Col. III.

26. eXKrjtnv : v has been added above the line as in 1. 14, etc.

38. t(6v(u]t(s : the papyrus may of course have read TcdvrjKOTes with Q.

39. There would be room in the lacuna for icnXoi xai ayn6oi, the reading of FHQf.

40. rjvav: the traces of the letter before v suit a better than f, and so r)trav is

preferable to eiiv. The papyrus stands alone in (apparently) reading the

49. The column contained one more line after this one.


After beginning the work at Behneseh, and finding that no earlier
remains than Roman papyri were accessible there, I left that site entirely
to Messrs. Grenfell and Hunt, as their special object was papyri.
After searching about ninety miles of desert from Minieh to the Faiyum,
and recording all the sites of town and cemeteries—the real work of an
Exploration Society—T then settled at the cemetery of Deshasheh, of the
Vth Dynasty, a short way south of Ahnas. Here I opened about 150
tombs, and recorded all the contents.

The principal results obtained were the statues of the prince Nenkheftka
and his sou Nenkheftek, found in the serdab of his tomb. The two
finest were kept at the Cairo Museum, but the large one brought to
loading ...