Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1896-1897

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Egypt Explokation Fund.

Col. III.

efiSo/ATjKovTa rjfiepai /cat Svo'
5 tovtohv irept, eiKOdi rjfxepa^ ev

at? 01 Trpeafteis irepi twv airov
Sccv cnnjfe'o-av eanohorovv


to ra? 8 aXXa? rot? e<nr\e
ovai \a9pai SierpecpovTo /cat

10 TjV <T(TO? Tt? ev tt]l VTjCTCOt,

/cat aXXa /3pwfiara evxaTe'Xef
(f>8r) o jap ap^cov einra
&/? evSetaTepcos eKao-rcoi


irapei^e 7] -!rpo<; t?]v etjou
15 criav oi pev Stj aBi]vaioi

/cat 'of TreXoiTOvvqaioi ave

Xatprjaav twi aTparui en -n??

ttvXov eicarepoi eir olkov kcu

tov /cXe&jfo? xanrep fxavuo
20 t^]1?? ova a rj viroa)(eait; aire

fir) evrof jap eiKoai rjpepav

ijjaje tou? avhpa'i toairep

vrrean] irapa jvwprjv

t6 Srj pLaXiara twv Kara
25 tov 'jroXep.ov tovto rot? eX

Col. III.

vrjcrai. The missing words were subsequently written by the second hand
iu the margin at the top of the column, and indicated by the curved mark
to the left of the line and by the word ava> placed over the point where
the omission occurred.

5. eiKoai: eucoaiv, Bekk. with MSS. ; cf. 1. 21.

6. The o of oi was converted from another letter, perhaps a.

7. anrjiea-av is tlie reading of the MSS. and Bekk.; the variant anqio-av is a

preferable spelling.

8. Be: the addition of e brings the papyrus into agreement with the MSS.

and Bekk.

9. \a6pai: \aBpa, MSS., Bekk.

10. a-iTot Tis ev. o-Iros iv. MSS., Bekk. The loss of rts after -tos would be easy.

11. eDKureXr^dtj: the v.l. here agrees with the reading of FHINbde, which

is followed by Bekk.; eyKareXeifpdij vulg.

13. entraps: "EiriTa&as, Bekk. with MSS.

14. For the added final v cf. II. 9, note.
16. oi is read by Bekk. with the MSS.
21. fixoo-i: eiKocriv, MSS., Bekk. ; cf. 1. 5.
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