Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1896-1897

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Pbogkess of Egyptology.

monuments can be brought to the spot both by rail and water. There
is to be nothing pseudo-Egyptian about the architecture. The building,
by the way, is to include a Salle de Vente.

It is generally acknowledged that the present organization of the
Department of Antiquities is totally inadequate to its task, and this
feeling has found expression even in the newspapers. A country
teeming with antiquities of unusual value swarms with dealers and
plunderers; a museum, already overcharged and uncatalogued, is
annually increased by immense additions; and the ridiculously small
staff, instead of protecting the monuments, regulating the excavations,
and bringing order into the chaos of the museum, is made to increase
its own difficulties by starting new diggings all over Egypt. To set
the management of the antiquities of Egypt upon a sound basis will
be of more credit to the French and a greater gaiu to the scientific
world than all the discoveries that have hitherto been made ; for this
would ensure that the immense harvest of knowledge still awaiting us
in Egypt shall be gathered in safely and steadily instead of being
dissipated and destroyed.

The Transactions of the 10th Orientalist Congress are now published.
This Congress was held at Geneva in 1894, under the presidency of
M. Naville. The papers presented in the IVth Section were almost
entirely devoted to Egyptology, many of them being of great interest.

A volume of essays—" Aegyptiaca"—has been dedicated to Geokg
Ebees on his 60th birthday by seventeen Egyptologists, most of
whom were, at some time or other, pupils of the celebrated Leipzig

The Collected Works of Deveeia, Memoires el Fragments, are being
published in the Bibliothequa Egyptologique. The first volume has
appeared, containing a biographical notice, with portrait, and several
papers and fragments not before published. These latter will be
noticed under their proper headings, with two exceptions, viz. tho
important Journal de Voyage with Mariette in 1862, and a paper on a
method of unrolling papyri which have been impregnated with bitumen,
by soaking them in ether. That this, and indeed most of the devices
for the proper treatment of papyri were not known a few years ago in
quarters where such knowledge was most to be expected may be in-
stanced in the cruel fate of a certain long and valuable papyrus known
loading ...