Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1896-1897

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Progress op Egyptology.

kings are of later fabrication. All these are points which we hope that
he will work out more completely.

Bissing (Bee. de Tr. xviii. 132) writes on the technique of heads of
statues in the Saite period, and traces Greek influence in one class of

Miss M. Murray (P. S. B. A. xix. 77) publishes facsimile of hiero-
glyphs sketched in ink on an unfinished stela of Amenhetep II., found by
Mr. Petrio at Thebes.

Arab Antiquities and Inscriptions.

Casanova completes his History of the Citadel of Cairo, in the 5th
fasc. of vol. vi. of the Mems. du Miss, au Caire.

Von Berchem (Corpus inscript. arab. fasc. 2, Miss. arch, franc, xix.).
This contains the Cairo inscriptions of the time of the Bahrite memlouks.
It is illustrated with very fine photographic plates and is altogether a
most valuable work. The first part, containing the earlier inscriptions
of Cairo, appeared in 1894.

Personal, &c.

The Sphinx (i. 254) contains obituary notices of Dr. von Niemeyer,
dragoman at the German Consulate, at one time an enthusiastic
student of Egyptology, and of Charles Wilbotje. The last was the
friend of every Egyptologist who visited Egypt, and a skilful reader of
hieroglyphs, whose enthusiasm for the study, however, never led him
into print. Unhappily his only direct contributions to Egyptology were
two cards of New Year's greetings, in which he informed his friends
of the canalization of the 1st cataract by Usertesen III., and of the
record of seven years' famine at Sehel.

Maspero (Congr. Geneva, iv. 95) gives a sketch of H. Brugsch.
Erman (A. Z. xxxiv. 90) gives a short notice of the publisher Rost,
whose enterprise made easy the way for the Zeitsehrift and many other
Egyptological works.

The supplement of the Munich Allgemeine Zeitung for May 20th, 1897,
contained an article by Professor SteindorfF, of Leipzig, on the retirement of M. de
Morgan from the post of Director-General of Antiquities ia Egypt. In it the
writer dwells on the traiued professional skill, the thoroughness and success, with
which M. de Morgan carried on his excavations, and, for the most part, duly
published his results. If his great plan of cataloguing all the exposed monuments
still in situ and the ruined sites of Egypt has failed of fulfilment, this is chiefly
loading ...