Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1899-1900

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Progress of Egyptology.

Prof. Erman in Aus den Papyrus, pp. 10, 93, has some interesting remarks
on hieratic and demotic writing; and Spikgelberg, A. Z. xxxvii. 20,
discusses the origin of certain demotic abbreviations, and identifies and
explains various words and groups in this script. More than half of the
text of Griffith's Stories of the High Priests of Memphis is devoted
to demotic philology.

Religion and Mythology.

Lefebure writes lengthy and remarkable articles on human sacrifice
according to the rites of Busiris and Abydos, Sphinx, iii. 129; on the
Egyptian Paradise, ib. iii. 191 ; and on the Land of the Hours, ib. iv. 1.

Lieblein, Pec. de Trav. xxii. 71, believes he has found in some graffiti
a reference to the belief that an impregnating drop fell into the Nile
preceding its rise.

Maspero translates a formula in the Pyramid Texts regarding flame;
he notes the remarkable fact that in the pyramids each chapter is enclosed
within the sign het " Residence," Bee. de Trav. xxi. 150.

Piehl, Sphinx, iv. 59, writes on the Golden Hawk title of kings.

Eoucart, Rev. des Etudes Anciennes, ii. 150-155, writes on the nature
and representations of the goddess Maut of Thebes.

Griffith, P. S. B. A. xxi. 277, on Eileithyia in Egypt, on the god of
Busiris, on Hermes Trismegistus.

Budge has written manuals of Egyptian Religion and Egyptian Magic
as part of a series published by Messrs. Kegan Paul.

Wiedemann, P. S. B. A. xxii. 155, comments on a papyrus of mytho-
logical geography in the Bibliotheque Nationale.

The new Kahun Papyri published by Borohardt, A. Z. xxxvii. 89,
throw much light on the administration of the Kahun temple and of the
Egyptian priesthood generally. The four orders, or phylae, of priests
served in rotation for a lunar month in the ministry ; at the end of each
month an inventory of the principal chattels in the temple was prepared
for them to be delivered formally in good order by the outgoing, and
accepted similarly by the incoming phyle.


Aus den Papyrus der Koniglichen Museen, the new handbook written by
Erman and Krebs for the Berlin Museum, describes the principal papyri
in that collection. Amongst the numerous translations may be noticed
here those of the Story of Sanehat, Story of a Herdsman, the Westcar
Tales, a new fragment of a tale (p. 42), the Teaching of Amenemhat, Story
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