Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1902-1903

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The northern tombs of El Amarna have again claimed a full season's
activities, so that only initial work could be done on some smaller sites
which it had been hoped to include in the winter's campaign. At El
Amarna the tombs of Panehesy and Meryra the younger (Nos. 1 and 6
of Lepsius) were copied exhaustively in facsimile, and some progress made
in addition towards the collation of the texts relating to the worship of the
sun. Owing to the mutilation they have suffered, this is an indispens-
able but protracted task. Fourteen weeks were spent in the tombs of
Et Till (January 10th to April 18th), and a fortnight more was devoted
to the collection of coloured hieroglyphs at Beni Hasan, where I availed
myself of the kind hospitality and assistance of Mr. John Garstang. The
tombs ofEt Till will, I fear, occupy me for another season. It is expected
that the first memoir of the work done there will be issued to subscribers
soon after the present Report. I have again to thank the authorities in
Egypt for unfailing courtesy and assistance.

N. de Garis Davies.


Excavations at HiBEH, Cynopolis and Oxyrhynchus.

The first part of last season's work was devoted to completing our excava-
tions at Hibeh which had been begun in the previous year. Here, along
the foot of the north wall of the town, we found a series of Ptolemaic rock-

The results of the Excavations are already reported in Abydos, part ii.

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