Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1902-1903

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Geaeco-Eoman Branch.


lost, but an epitome of them is extant, from which however the papyrus
differs considerably, especially in the details of books 53-55. By the aid
of the new discovery several difficulties of chronology are cleared up, and
an important addition is made to the scanty authorities for Boman history
in the period from b.c. 150—137.

Among the numerous pieces of lost Greek classics that will be included
in the forthcoming volume are parts of two new odes by Pindar, of which
one is a TIap8eveiov, the other apparently epinician in character; (2) a new
piece of the JlpoTpeiTTiKb<; Xoyo? of Aristotle; (3) part of a philosophical
dialogue introducing Periander, Solon and Pisistratus, perhaps by a
contemporary of Aristotle; and (4) the argument of Cratinus' "Dionys-
alexandros," a comedy of which the subject was a travesty of the Trojan
war. There are also several lyric fragments, the authorship of which is
uncertain, and a fragment of an epitome of a history of Sicily, very likely
that of Timaeus. Extant Greek authors are represented by fragments of
Hesiod, Sophocles' [Electro), Apollonius Bhodius, Theocritus, Herodotus,
Thucydides, Xenophon (Cyro^aedia), Aeschines and Isocrates, besides of
course Homer and Demosthenes. The non-literary documents will include
the first century b.c. group mentioned above and a selection belonging
to the next two centuries.

The excavations at Oxyrhynchus will be resumed next winter, and we
look forward to continuing them until the site is thoroughly exhausted.
To accomplish this at least two more seasons' work on rather a large scale
is required, but considering the extremely fruitful character of the excava-
tions there and the great possibilities in the future, we hope that the
requisite financial support will be forthcoming.

Bernard P. Grenfell.
Arthur S. Hunt.
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