Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1902-1903

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Pkogress of Egyptology.

Bahr Nashaart. The most important are Kum Khanziri, which, from an
inscription found there, seems to he Pakhnemounis; Tell Ealamun, near
the Damietta Nile, which is prohahly Diosjiolis Inferior; and Kum
Hanalid, near Tidah, which, if not the Coptic Tthoi, remains uncertain.
By the help of these and other identifications, Mr. Hogarth proposes to
find in the Bahr Nashaart, the survivor of the Thermuthiac Nile; and in
a broad, dry channel, just west of the Bahr Tirah, the Athribitic. He
doubts if the present Damietta Nile represents, in its lower course, any-
thing more important than Ptolemy's Diollcos; and he finds the Busiric
Nile in the Bahr Barus. He fixes the limits of the Inferior Sebennytic
and Diospolite Nomes; and suggests sites for several towns of repute in
Coptic times, e.g. Agnon, Selearchia, and Banaben. He is strongly of
opinion that Kum Farain, the site at present accepted for Buto, represents
nothing more important than the bishopric Pliragonis; and that Buto
must be looked for nearer the Bosetta Nile."

A full report will appear in the Journal of Hellenic Studies.

(3) Memoirs and PbEPOETS.

Aswan. Lady Wm. Cecil contributes a report on her excavations in
the tombs on the west bank to the Annales du Service. The remains found
date from various periods, Old Kingdom, Xllth Dynasty and later. The
report is illustrated by photographs, Ann. iv. 51.

Hierakonpolis. The second part of the memoir of the Egyptian
Besearch Account by Quibell and Green contains the remainder of the
plates and the full text by Mr. Quibell of his excavations in 1897-8; and
Mr. Green's account of his excavations in 1898-9. In particular, the
wonderful copper statues of Pepy are now fully illustrated, and the curious
paintings in a prehistoric tomb.

Thebes, West bank. Carter reports on work of clearing and consolida-
tion at the Ramesseum, Ann. ii. 193, the tomb of Sennefer near that of
Thothmes III, ib. 195, and that of Mentuhotep I. at Deir el Bahari, ib. 201.
Also on the electric lighting of six royal tombs, an excavation on behalf of
Mr. T. M. Davis in the Valley of the Tombs of the Kings, the most important
find being of a box containing two leather network corselets belonging to
Maiherpra; an excavation at Dra' abu'l neggah ; clearances of tombs by Mr.
Newberry at Sheikh abd el Qurneh, and excavation by the same at the
palace of Amenhotep III. at Medinet Habu. Ann. iv. 43.

The discovery of the tomb of Thothmes IV. Newberry, P. S. B. A,

XXV. 111.

East bank. Legrain writes on repairs, &c, for a gate of Thothmes near
loading ...