Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1902-1903

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Progress of Egyptology.

Coffins, &c. from Meir and small stela from Eshmunein, Cledat,
Bulletin, ii. 41.

El Bersheh. Excavations in the tombs, Kamal, Ann. ii. 206, iii. 276.

Beni Hasan. Garstang describes his excavations in the tombs, with
plate of model boats, &c, Man, 1903, 97, and with photographs of tomb
furniture as found, of string dolls, statuette of Libyan (?) woman, &c, and
account of the furniture found in intact tombs, ib. 129.

Tehneh. Tombs of the Old Kingdom, published by Fraser, with notes
on some of the scenes by Maspero, Ann. iii. 67, 122.

Gebel et Teir. Excavations, with the discovery of a tomb of the Old
Kingdom. Kamal, Ann. iv. 85.

El Lahun, a tomb containing burnt mummies. Arif, Ann. iii. 191.

Lisht. A well illustrated memoir on the excavations of MM. Gatjtier
and Jequier at Lisht in 1894-6, resulting in the identification of the
pyramids of Amenemhat I. and Usertesen I. A chamber in the temple of
the latter yielded a number of fine limestone statues of the king. Several
mastabas of the same period were also discovered. Memoires de VInstitut
frangais d'Archeologie Orientale, vi. 1. Fouilles de Licht.

Dahshur. Discovery of stelae in tombs of the IVth Dynasty, Barsanti,
Ann. iii. 198.

Saqqareh. Report on work at the Pyramid of Unas, 1899-1901,
Barsanti, Ann. ii. 244; also in 1901-2, discovering traces of kings of the
early dynasties, with notes by Maspero on the inscriptions and on a
ushabti with head in Greek style, id. ib. iii. 182, and excavation of the
tomb of Uza-hor, the mummy covered with gold amulets, id. ib. 209.

The tomb of Horkheb, with inscriptions and amulets. Daressy, Ann.
iv. 76.

Memphis. Attempted plan of the temple-remains, with inscriptions, &c,
discovered there. Daressy, Ann. iii. 22.

Usim. Fragments of inscriptions, &c. Kamal, Ann. iv. 91.

Heliopolis. Late tomb at Ezbet ez Zetun, with inscribed canopic jars.
Kamal, Ann. iv. 95. Tomb chapel of the bull Mnevis of the time of
Barneses III., with many inscriptions. Kamal, Rec. de Trav. xxv. 29.

Sais excavations (with little result). Daressy, Ann. ii. 230.

Simbellawin. Tomb at Tell er roba with gold j ewellery and ushabti.
Quibell, Ann. iii. 245.

Horbet. Tomb of about the Vlth Dynasty at Bebai. Daressy, Bee. de
Trav. xxiv. 162.

Nebesheh. Description of Tel Far'un,from a recent visit, with inscrip-
tions of a late tomb. Kamal, Ann. iii. 7. Apropos of this article Petrie
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