Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1902-1903

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Progress of Egyptology.

Sethe's conclusions are accepted almost throughout. The connexion of
Egyptian with Semitic languages is dealt with and defined, and an
attempt is made to discern Nubian origins for many non-Semitic roots.
Schack suggests a new nomenclature for the verbal forms, but not a new

Maspero continues his notes on Egyptian vocalization. Rec. de Trav.
xxiv. 142, xxv. 15.

Lacatj contributes notes on Egyptian phonology and etymology to the
Rec. de Trav. xxiv. 201.

Legge has written a paper on the history of the transliteration of
Egyptian, finally inviting the opinions of scholars on the questions of
the affinity of Egyptian and the Semitic languages, the existence (sic)
of vowels in Egyptian, and the method of transcription best suited
to, (a) scholars, (b) the genei'al reader. A number of letters in reply
have been printed. P. 8. B. A. xxiv. 273, 355, xxv. 57, 102, 162,
209, 288.

Piehl has written an article on the transliteration of Egyptian.
Sphinx vii. 62.

Piehl has issued the commentary to the third volume of his Inscriptions
Hieroglyphigues, completing the series of this valuable publication of
inscriptions copied in Egypt, and in the museums of Europe.

Piehl discusses mid, a kind of seat, mrh, " fat" (written with goose),
My, " celestial dome," in late texts, Sphinx vi. 125, explains a passage
of the Pap. D'Orbiney (run), ib. 147, discusses a pronoun tut in the New
Kingdom and later, ib. 206, and reviews de Rochementeix's Temple
d'Edfou II. i., ib. 173.

Gardiner explains the word me, " with," in the inscription of Una,
and a passage in the Millingen papyrus (tmmt). P. S. B. A. xxiv. 349.
Sethe discusses hy, "another," A.Z. xl. 92. Loret aat, "hill," (?), Rev.
Egypt, x. 87, and Bissing mtn and ioat as words for roads, Rec. de
Trav. xxv. 119.

Wiedemann writes on the Egyptian liames of the months. 0. L. Z.
1903, 1.

Max Muller reviews Schafer's Aethiopische Konigsinschrift. O. L. Z.
1903, 71.

Spiegelberg writes on the name of the Athribite Nome, zt " papyrus/'
"Delta," slia or aahh, "inundated land," aha-hms, "live," in Egyptian,
Rec. de Trav. xxiv. 175, and in demotic the name of Naucratis, ib. 184,
\eacovt<; with notes of Sethe, ib. 187; a formula and description of
personal appearance in demotic contracts, the symbol for Horus, the city
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