Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1902-1903

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


Sekhebu, protocol of the reign of Cleopatra III. and Ptolemy Alexander I.,
and the group for ehe, " ox," all in demotic, ib. xxv. 6.

Max Muller reviews Spiegelberg's publication of the demotic papyri of
Strassburg, 0. L. Z. 1903, 173, and the demotic papyri of Berlin, ib.
292, and Griffith's Stories of the High Priests, ib. 1902, 440.


Chasslnat gives the reading of a divine name occurring in proper
names of the Middle Kingdom at Meir, as ukh. Bee. de Trav. xxv. 62.
Schafer, a new reading of the angle as tm. A. Z. xl. 96.

Religion and Mythology.

Sayce has printed an interesting volume on the Religions of Ancient
Pgypt and Babylonia, being the Gifford Lectures delivered at Aberdeen in

Moret has written a stimulating essay on the religious character of
Egyptian royalty, Du characters religieux de la Roy auto Pharaonique,
discussing the divine titles of Pharaoh, the part played by the gods at his
birth and coronation; his character as priest of the gods and the dead, and
his own divine character.

Wiedemann reviews Moret's Bituel du culte divin journalier
0. L. Z. 1903, 131, and Moret has written an article on the same subject,
Sphinx vi. 211.

Maspero reviews Erman's Zaubersjiriiche. Bev. Grit., Septembre, 1902,

Spiegelberg deals with the formula of the dedication of a person's grave
by his son during lifetime (?), or after death. Rec. de Trav. xxiv. 177.

Bissing quotes a unique example of the formula of libation in the New
Kingdom. Bee. de Trav. xxv. 119.

Breasted upholds his reading of the mythological text from Memphis,
P. S. B. A. xxiv. 300, which Maspero discusses in an article on "the
omnipotence of speech." Bee. de Trav. xxiv. 168.

Wiedemann writes on the sun temple at Abusir. O. L. Z. 1903, 49.

Maspero publishes a fine statue of Khons, discovered by Legrain at
Karnak. Ann. iii. 181.

Nash publishes a figure of the goddess of Mendes. P. B. S. A. xxv.

Maspero reviews Sethe's Imhotep. Journal des Savants, Nov. 1902.
Max Muller on the god Proteus at Memphis. O. L. Z. 1903, 99.
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