Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1902-1903

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


specimens are discussed. One coloured plate is given and many photographs
in the text.

Edgar has catalogued the Greek moulds for terra-cottas in the same
collection, which often have Egyptian motifs. Borchardt describes a
Roman terra-cotta of Harpocrates holding a jug inscribed with a Greek
word " sprinkler of sacred water" written in hieroglyphs. A. Z. xl. 9S.

Daressy records the unrolling of a mummy of a priest of Amnion from
Deir el Bahari at the Cairo Museum. Ann. iii. 151.

Personal, etc.

Lady Renouf has undertaken the publication of her husband's scattered
essays in a collected form. The first volume of '"Aegyptological and Philo-
logical Essays," in The Life Work of Sir Peter Lepage Benouf, is edited by
Mr. Rylands and Prof. Maspeko. It contains very interesting studies
dating from 1859 onwards, combatting the errors of Seyffarth and other
opponents of Champollion's system of decipherment, establishing readings
of signs and meanings of words for the first time. A fine portrait of the
scholar in photogravure is prefixed. Reviewed by Wiedemann, 0. L. Z.,
1903, 69.

The second volume of Chaeas' (Euvres diverses has appeared in the
Bibliotheque Egyptulogique, containing articles published originally from
1859 to 1865.

Three autograph letters of Chamtollion, preserved at Florence, are
published by Pellegrini. Bessarione ii. ser. v. 22.

It is noted that Professor Eisenlohr bequeathed his collection of
photographs and other scientific remains to Prof. AViedemann of Bonn,
0. L. Z., 1902, III.

On October 26th, 1902, the seventieth birthday of Prof. Leo Reinisch
was celebrated at Vienna by the presentation of a medal to the veteran
linguist; on the same occasion a sketch of his life was published. At one
time keeper of the iJiramar collection of Egyptian antiquities, for the last
thirty years he has devoted his time to the record and study of the
modern languages of North East Africa, more especially those of the
Cushite group.

Monsieur P. J. de Horrack, a pupil of Chabas and editor of some
Egyptian religious texts, born in 1820, died on October 5th, 1902.

Dr. Willem Pleyte, the genial director of the Museum of Egyptian
Antiquities at Leyden and author of many Egyptological works, died on
March 11th last, aged sixty-six. One of his earliest works was a memoir
on monuments relating to the god Set, published in 1863.
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