Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1902-1903

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Progress of Egyptology.

Heidelberg have also promised further treasures. Srnyly's new edition of
the Petrie Papyri makes slow progress, and Wilcken's Ptolemaic Corpus is
hardly to be expected immediately ; but the stream of publications shows
no signs of slackening, and the acquisitions of new material more than keep
pace with it.

F. G-. Kenyon.

P.S.—Dr. Botti, after referring to the decease of the Rivista Egiziana
("une revue qui n'a fait du mal a personne, qui a vecu, chose a n'y croire
en Egypte, six ans et a contribue de beaucoup a la fondation du Musee et
de la Bibliotheque d'Alexandrie "), in which the " Papyrus Cattaoui " (in the
Museum at Alexandria) was first published by him, has printed a revised
text of this interesting document,50 which contains on its recto a number
of legal decisions on questions of the legitimacy of the children of Roman
soldiers in Egypt in the second century, and on the verso (now for the first
time edited) a long statement of the affairs of a certain Drusilla, which
had formed the subject of inquiries before the SiKaioSoT7]<; Maximianus
and the strategus Gemellus. Probably more might be made, in regard
both to reading and restoration, of this interesting papyrus. He also
continues his Bulletin epigraphique 51 of inscriptions found in Alexandria
and its neighbourhood. Several inscriptions are also quoted by him in a
long topographical article on the Libyan nome.33


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