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Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1902-1903

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Christian Egypt.


would ascribe to the 4th century. Stbzygowski85 naturally regards him
as old-fashioned, since he shows no inclination to treat the artistic
influence of Rome as secondary.

Gayet has spent another season at Antinoe;so hut his results hardly
concern Christian Egypt. It may he difficult to settle, in every burial
unearthed, the claims of the two religions. Symbols, originating in the
older, were doubtless adopted by the newer creed. The eighteen women,
buried around "Thais." (v. Report, 1900-01,77), at any rate, should be
Christians; each was roughly dressed, lay upon a palm-bough, and, on her
bandages, showed the same words: ewp-vxt, avrivoe, Farewell, Antinoe!
Is this a proper name, borne by all of them ? (though rare, it occurs : Zoega
510). In the essay87 in which apparently other results of the same cam-
paign are described, a rarity in the shape of a scrap of Coptic text from
a coffin is shown.

At Kom Ishgau, S. of Tenia, a find of Coptic and Arabic papyri and
well carved furniture, said to be of about the 6th century, is described by

7. Miscellaneous. Ceuji's volume of the Cairo Catalogue (v. Report,
1901-02, 57) has been criticized by C. Schmidt89 and Strzygowski.00.
The former deals with the misreadings in the texts of the stelae, the latter
with the meagreness in the descriptions of their ornamentation. Both
complain of the want of an introduction.

All interested in the history of the studies which occupy us will set a
value on the curious documents published by Omont01 relative to the
" missions " in Egypt of Wansleben, P. Lucas, and others, commissioned
by Colbert and other ministers to collect MSS. and "curiosities" in
the East. Besides the biography and correspondence of the former
traveller, the original lists are printed, with instructive prices, of the
MSS. bought.

An important announcement is incidentally made by Chassinat,93 viz.
that the French Institute at Cairo is preparing a publication of its Coptic
MSS. He kindly informs me that Lacau will edit their valuable
Achmimic text, while he himself has undertaken a long medical MS. and
the two large volumes of Shenoute of which the Institute is the possessor.

At the instance of Prof. Breasted, and by the enterprise of Messrs.
Hinrichs, the dream of a reprinted Zoega has been realized; and, quite
unobtainable for years past, the new facsimile can now be bought for
£2 l(k W. E. Crum.

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