Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1906-1907

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Egypt Exploration Fund.

7rapacr)£o[v] et(?) rrjiv) virepeaia (1. inriipealav) rr)? 7601^1/0)9 ineia
(1. olicia<i) /ecu tov eXeovyov (L eXat>ovpyov) ylvovre (1. -Tat) -v^o/Aia
(1. tJtco/j,.*) el/cocn icai tcaikovpia 8vo )xova<;, i8ia dirXd 6j. pw. (3) 5 th cent.
IIaw((.) /3, Hap,ovv v8puxp6pov. (1. v8pocf)6po<;) iyefC7](rep ew toz/ opdov
7roTafj,bv vr)pov ... (4) 5th or 6th cent. /cco/ti??? "O^fw? St(a) M^z/a?
(]. -i>a) Trp(eo-fivTepov) t[/}]? p,aKap(La^) Mapi'(a?) ttXol(ov) <&aveKXdp,[p,]a>v
'Eirelcp 8 a cj)op(eTpov) adiK(Koi) p,r\ (dprd/3at) 9e /i(owxt). <t>oi/3d/J,(p.(i)v).
' Delivered at the village of Ophis by Menas, presbyter of St. Mary, to
the boat of Phaneklammon on Epeiph 4 for the first freight 48 sacks
containing 95 artabae only. (Signed) Phoebammon.' (5) 6th cent.
iTr(o)t,ic(Lov) 'Btevdp'yov •kXoKov) ^\wdvv\ov\ diro ' knvbXX(£iv\o<^\ Ua^cbv 6 le
lv8(iKTtovo<>) a fyopierpov) 0aX( ) te (dprdftcu) X /x(owi). 8c(d) 'E\ . a?
yp(a/u,fiareQ><;). 'Delivered at the farmstead of Xenarclms to the boat
of John from Apollinopolis on Pachon 9 of the 15th indiction for the
1st freight and the 15th ... 30 artabae only. Written by El. . ., scribe.'
(6) 6th cent. X070? Ylerpeijravyepcoi, iyu> Xeprjvof diroaToaap^ ) olvov
pucretu? Kv(S(ia) av, yl(i>ovrai) 8iaKOO-[a^ (1. -la) Tre(y)Ti](ico)vTa.
iypd<p(t]) ^(tjto?) iTrayo/j,evcov /3 tVS(tKTt'ovo?) [3. ' Account of Petre-
psangeroi I, Serenus, . . . (have received) 250 jars of wine of the vintage,
total two hundred and fifty. Written on the 2nd intercalary day of the
2nd indiction.' (7) 5th cent. ''Kj3paa^iov Movaeco?, irapacr^ov Evtjxvs
ipy^aTrf) t?}? a/yta? Ka6oX(imfc) eKKKrjaia^ dpyvp[lov] (8i]vapia>v) fx,(vpia8a<i)
vtt. ' To Abraham, son of Moses. Provide for Eueches, workman at the
holy catholic church, 480,000 drachmae.' Similar nominally enormous sums
frequently occur in papyri of the 4th-5th century, when the coinage was
much depreciated; cf. no. 10. (8) 6th cent. ^77(^09) ®gj# ta Iv8(iktlovos)
/3 a <f>op(eTpov) KdfJbrfkiot) o/cto) et? olvov f (ecrTa?) pt; /xo(ww). ' On the
11th of the month of Thoth of the 2nd indiction for the first freight
8 camels carrying 160 sextarii of wine only.' (9) 6th cent. alyvQirrj
(1. alyo6.) YleXayiov Keep(aXaid>Tr) 1) ipyaimv i,a 81(d) (i>oL/3dfi/j,a>v(o<;)
\oyoypdcf)(ov) TLavvL Ky y IvSi^ktiovos). (10) VTrep yevouceiov ( = yvvai/celov)
(hr^vapLwv) /a(uptaSe?) Tot? Kovpaovo<; dpio-ra y rpela, 'KQavaaLov vop,ia
|/3, toI<{ Zafioaiov apio-ra j3. Among inscribed fragments of amphorae
were several beginning with the common Christian symbol y_p,y (cf. Arcli.
Rep. 1902-3, p. 7), e.g. (I) ^7, x + f^ (''e- !l chrism between x and /a)
6eov %«p(t9) Map/a?, (2) x^l 0eov %a/w Kaiphoi (1. Kep8.) vtt8 . . . ,
(3) %/j,y /3ei>( ) Mapx( ) f(eo-Tat) k8, (4) XM 6eov %apt9 KiupSos (jjiry...,
(5) XMy 9# ( = a/i)jv) vtt8 fipl%, (6) xp.y vtto ) /c\vtce\eov (1. yXuxeXalov)
yXvKeXeov ^(earai) 98 !]fito-v. In one instance the letters were
reversed, yux- w7rS also occurred by itself, and it appears that besides
loading ...