Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1906-1907

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


Baraize reports various accidents to the temple of Deir el-Bahari in
1906, due to stones and rubbish falling from the cliffs, and details the
measures taken to repair the damage and to prevent its repetition in the
future. Ann. vii. 50. Sethe corrects a statement which he made in a
recent article, that the fragments of an historical inscription at Deir el-
Bahari had been hidden in the masonry of a restored wall. The state-
ment rested on a misunderstanding: the fragments are stored in an
uninscribed chamber, which has been walled up to secure them against
plunderers, no doubt by the care of our Society. A.Z. xliii. 98.

The official German agency for archaeology in Egypt (represented by
Herr Borchardt) has been detached from the General Consulate and has
been placed immediately under the Foreign Office, with the title of Imperial
German Institute for Egyptian Archaeology. O.L.Z. x. 157.

Exploration has been carried on for the German Orient-Gesellschaft,
etc., at (1) Elephantine by Bubensohn, who has had the good fortune to
discover a magnificent series of Aramaic papyri from the Jewish archives
there. The most important is a petition to the Governor of Judaea for
the restoration of their temple at Elephantine, which had been seized by
the Egyptian priests at the time of a revolt from the Persian rule. They
affirm that their forefathers had been settled in Elephantine under the
native kings, and had been confirmed in their possessions by Cambyses.
Greek papyri of the age of Soter and demotic papyri also rewarded
Bubensohn's enterprise. (2) Borchardt has made a preliminary exam-
ination of El Amarna, the site chosen for next year's excavations; and
Moller has copied all the inscriptions of the Hatnub quarry, including
many new ones from the Vlth to the Xllth Dynasty. (3) Borchardt
and Moller have excavated at the pyramid-temple of Sahure at Abusir,
discovering sculptures similar to those of the temple of Neuserre.

A popular work on Egypt, K. Oppel's Das Alte Wunderland der
Pyraviiden, illustrating the geography, history, and civilisation of ancient
Egypt, has reached a fifth edition, and is commended for combining an
attractive style with precision while utilising the latest results of scientific
research. O.L.Z. x. 35.

A journal for archaeology, which should interest Egyptologists, has
been founded by Herr von Liciitenberg. Tins new venture, entitled
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