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Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1906-1907

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


crude brick and wood, and that it had been much interfered with by sub-
sequent builders of the same dynasty. Several papyri and thousands of
jar sealings of this time promise historical results of importance. But the
most remarkable find was of wooden false jars which had been inlaid with
glazed ware ; a coloured plate shows one of these reconstructed. In trial
diggings the sun-temple of Userkaf was identified and sealings of the
IVth and Vth Dynasties found there; and the gateway to the temple of
Sahure was thoroughly explored, yielding splendid sculptures. Boechaedt,
Mitt. d. Deutschcn Orient-Ges., no. 34.

Baesanti describes the discovery and excavation of a vast pit in the
desert at Zauyet el-Aryan, which proved to have been a royal tomb of the
early period, entered by a sloping descent at right angles. Limestone
blocks in it bear graffiti giving the name Nefer-ka. M. Maspeeo, in a
preliminary note, identifies this king with Neferkere of the Hnd Dynasty
on the Sakkara tablet, or of the Illrd Dynasty in the Abydos list, and
dwells on the stupendous effect of the monument and the fine workman-
ship. The pit had a flooring of granite and limestone of great thickness
and remarkable construction, and within this was a hollow covered by a
lid of polished granite, which again was protected by a layer of clay and a
number of blocks of limestone. The lid was found undisturbed, but the
hollow beneath it was empty. Ann. vii. 257. The remainder of the report
is to appear in a subsequent number.

Saqqaea. Mueeay's Saqqara Mastabas I., with Loat's Gurob, reviewed
by Foucaet, Rev. Arch. viii. 185.

Suez Boad. W. G. Kemp describes some ancient remains at Station
No. 3. Ann. vii. 13.

Lowee Egypt, Beheea Province. Boman burials found at Terenuthis
(Abu Billu). Edgar, Ann. vii. 143.

Subterranean water conduit discovered at Kom en Nakhla. Ahmed
Eaguib, Ann. vii. 95.

Giiaebia Beovince. Ahmed Bey Kamal describes the ruins of the
temple of Sebennytus, and quotes descriptions from Greek and Arab
authors. Ann vii. 87.

Sheekia Beovince. Boman sarcophagus, not inscribed, found in a tomb
at Tell es-Sabakha. Mohammed Effendi Chaban, Ann. vii. 17.

Edgae describes his excavations at Tukh el-Qarnms, resulting in a
further find of Ptolemaic treasure. Ann. vii. 205 (see below, p. 52).

Note of a find of gold and silver vases and ornaments of the end of the
XlXth Dynasty at Bubastis. Rev. Arch. ix. 174.

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