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Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1906-1907

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have been supplemented by an ordinary slower service. An article by
C. Barbagallo25 supplements the work of Signora Salluzzi {Report for
1901-2, no. 23) by collecting the evidence furnished by the most recent
publications of papyri with regard to the price of corn in Ptolemaic
times. The Archiv (besides notes on the Magdola Papyri by Wilcken
and Mahaffy) contains an article by R. Taubenschlag20 on the system of
arbitration by consent of both parties in the Ptolemaic period, arguing
that the judicial activity of both the strategus and the epistates was of
this kind. He comes to a similar conclusion with regard to several other
magistrates who occasionally appear as acting in a judicial capacity, e.g.
the oifcov6/u,o<;, the eVKJTaT?;? t?j? /awyii???, the Km/uLoypa^fMarev?, k.t.X.
The greater part of the suits of minor importance would, in fact, have
been dealt with by this less formal method; and therefore, according to
Taubenschlag, an amalgamation in practice of Greek and Egyptian law
was facilitated.

The remaining articles in the Archiv relate to the Roman period.
Preisigke27 reprints Fayum Pap. 153 (described by Grenfell and Hunt, and
published, but not explained, by Wessely), and shows that it contains
extracts'from the daybook of a bank, relating to the payments by various
individuals in respect of a tax which he takes to be the poll-tax, but which
the amounts (44 drachmas is obol—not h drachma—2 chalchi per annum
for each person) show to be the <jvvtd^i/j,ov. A. Stein28 discusses the
known cases (five in number) in which the functions of the Prefect were
discharged by a deputy during an interregnum. Viereck29 re-examines
the papyri bearing dates in the 6th year of Licinius Augustus and the
2nd of Licinius Caesar, which have already been plentifully discussed by
Mommsen and others, and decides in favour of the identification of the
date with a.d. 323. E. Weiss30 treats of the Graeco-Egyptian institution
and use of representatives (ku/jio?, eVtTpo7ro<?, k.t.X.) in legal matters by
persons not qualified by age or sex to act for themselves ; and L. Wenger
reviews Waszynski's book on leaseholds. In addition, this number of the
Archiv contains short notes by Lumbroso, Wilcken and others, and the
usual bibliographical articles, which will be noticed below.

The activity of the jurists, which has been so noticeable in previous
years, has not been relaxed. Besides the articles just mentioned, Wenger
has published an elaborate treatise31 on the whole practice of the employ-
ment of representatives in law, as shown in the papyri. Lesquier (in an
article overlooked in preparing last year's Report) has examined all the
known examples of contracts of divorce.32 Mitteis publishes a study of
Florence Pap. 61, the report of an action tried before the prefect Septimius
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