Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1906-1907

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Progress of Egyptology.

reception of the Eevelation; on Shenoute's own apocalypse ; on the failure
of Origenism to check the taste in Egypt for these works ; on the gradual
acquiescence of the later Gnostics in the church.

A note on page 82 of this book shows that L. is further the author of
the Church Quarterly article, mentioned in last Report, 66.

The vast introduction preliminary to von Soden's edition of the Greek
New Testament6a naturally contains much relating to the Egyptian text
(Hesychius, Origen), to that used by the Alexandrine fathers and to the
interrelation of these and the Coptic versions (v. e.g. pp. 903, ff., 1472, ff.,
1480). The section on the last is supplied by Leipoldt and gives a
useful description of those linguistic peculiarities to be disregarded in
appealing to their testimony; also an elaborate collation, showing the
most characteristic Hesychian readings in the Coptic.

2. Apocryphal, Gnostic, &c.—Another important text has been acquired
by the Berlin Museum (v. last Report, 67). C. Schmidt describes7 and
will—it is to be hoped, before long—publish a papyrus giving an ancient
Achmimic version of 1 Clement (entitled ' The Epistle of the Eomans to
the Corinthians'), which we could infer from Eusebius to have been
canonical in Egypt. S. dates the MS. in the latter part of the 4th century.
The underlying Greek text appears to have been of sound but ordinary
type; the Psalter used was that of Upper Egypt. It is significant that
the 2nd Epistle is here still absent. The idiom is interesting and shows
several strange words.

Further fragments of the Sa'idic Hermas are published by Delaporte,
from the same MS. as before (v. last Report, 67).8

Winstedt prints and translates five Paris leaves (12918, 116 ff.) of an
apocryphal story narrated by James, the Lord's brother, and relating to
John the Baptist.9 The Apostles visit the seven heavens, the third of
which is assigned to the Baptist, who is to act the part of a sort of

Under the heading ' New Sayings of Christ' is announced10 the acquisi-
tion at Edfu by E. de Bustafjaell, of a number of Coptic and Greek MSS.
The above title was applied to a considerable fragment which had indeed
already been identified as belonging to the ' Eevelation of Bartholomew,'
whereof other fragments had been long known. The text is partly
identical with that printed by Lacau (Jfe'ms. de I'Instit. franc, ix, 39).
See also no. 40 below.

Eeviews of C. Schmidt's translation of the Pistis are given by Barden-
hewer and K. Lake.11

3. Liturgical.—Delaporte describes 12 a version of the Bohairic Conse-
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