Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1906-1907

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archaeology, hieroglyphic studies, etc.


Prof. Newberry has catalogued the Scarab-shaped Seals, of which there
are 1500 examples. The engraved undersides are all figured by hand in
the plates, and some hundreds of types of the backs as well. It is noted
that many of the most important specimens in the old Boulaq collection
are now lost.

Throughout the magnificent series of Catalogues of the Cairo Museum,
which proceeds so steadily and so well, there is a deplorable lack of
' history ' with the specimens. It would seem to be one of the first duties
of a National Museum of Antiquities to learn and record find-spots and
circumstances of discovery of the treasures deposited in it. Unfortunately,
in spite of all professions to the contrary, this is precisely what was not
done in the days of the Boulaq Museum, and the vicissitudes to which the
immense collection has been subject have destroyed much of the information
that once existed. We may expect to see a great improvement in this
direction, since the Museum now has a permanent home, the organisation
of the Department of Antiquities is more perfect, and the importance of
such information is now more generally recognised. _

Von Bissing and Beach study the artistic technique of the E_
floors in the Cairo Museum from the palace of Akhenaton at El
south of El Amarna. The sureness of the artist is marvellous
vigorous designs. Outlines of figures are drawn in a single strok = J!
are no guides or trial lines and no corrections. Ann. vii. 64. In E
M Amarna IV. there is an appendix on decorative technique ii E ^
Amarna tombs. a

Mr. Howard Carter's Six portraits of the Thothmes family, /< IFo
from the terrvple of Beir el-Bahari, represent the Queens Sensenb, E
the Kings Thothmes L, II., and III., and Queen Hatshepsut, fro. E"
made in 1904. w &

The Guide to the Egyptian collection at Leiden, by Dr. P. A. A. =■ "q
of which the first part was published in 1904, has been revised an E-5 ^
complete, Catalogus van liet Rijksmuseum van Oudheden ie E- \~
Eejyptische Afdceling. =— o %

Last winter the third edition of MASPERO'S Guide to the Cairo =-
was issued, translated by Mr. and Mrs. Quibell. The monument; EJP _
ground floor had been rearranged, but the upper floor was " a E_
antiquities out of which as soon as possible an Egyptian Museum =_h? $
evolved." Prof. Maspero's essays and descriptions of the object =_ 0
ever, fuU of interest. The present edition is enlarged and improved fj
of 1903, and a number of borrowed illustrations have been insert
earnest of what the indefatigable author intends to provide in future




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