Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1907-1908

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


Excavations and Explorations.
(a) Work in 1907-8, inchiding Repairs, etc.

Mr. Weigall kindly sends us the following communication :—

"My letter to you of last year was written in September, 1907. In
October I spent some time at Aswan, Gebel Silsileh, and other parts of
my district where engineering or quarrying works were being carried on,
and I am happy to say that no damage was found to have been done to
the antiquities. Mr. Macdonald, the Director-General of Reservoirs, lias
placed a large number of ghaffirs at our disposal, to watch the sites near
which quarrying is taking place ; and I should like here to say how
desirous are all officials of the Public Works Department to preserve all
ancient remains. Your readers may rest assured that archaeological
interests receive the most careful attention on all occasions.

" In November I went by camel across the desert to Kossair, via Wady
Fowakhiyeh (generally called incorrectly Wady Hammamat). It was a
long but extremely interesting trip; and the little town of Kossair is a
place of great charm, which was enhanced for me by the finding of the
remains of a Ptolemaic or Pioman temple. The inscriptions in Wady
Fowakhiyeh were in good condition, and a few new ones were found,
including a large and important graffito of archaic date. A full account
of the trip will be published soon in book form, together with the descrip-
tion of the other desert journeys I have been able to make, and, I hope, all
my photographs. One or two of the chapters will appear as articles in
Blackwood's Magazine soon.

" During the four months of the winter season I was mostly at Luxor.
You will have heard of Mr. Davis's finds at the Tombs of the Kings—the
beautiful jewellery of Queen Tausert, and the tomb of Horemheb. I have
been permitted to give some account of the entering of the tomb in the
December (1908) number of the Century Magazine, and though the
editor has used his blue pencil freely with the historical part of the article,
the description of the tomb and the photographs of it may be of interest.
Lord Carnarvon conducted some small excavations at Gurneh, and obtained
a few valuable antiquities, including the tablet of which I send you the
photos.1 An interesting tomb of Dynasty XIV.-XVII. was uncovered,

1 A writing tablet with stuccoed surface, having upon it (1) a draft-board;
(2) the introduction to the instructions of Ptahhotep, and (3) a text relating to the
struggle of the native king Kamosi with the Hyksos: it is dated in the 7th year of
the king. It cannot be later than the first half of the XVIIIth Dynasty and might
even be contemporary.—Ed.
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