Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1907-1908

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Peogeess of Egyptology.

Inscriptions (from Karnak, etc.), naming an office called 'the place
beloved of Thoth.' Legeain, Ann. viii. 254.

Fragmentary stelae of the Xlth Dynasty, found in 1892 at Drah abu'l
Neggah. Daeessy, Ann. viii. 242.

Inscription from tomb of Nebunenf, relating his elevation by Barneses
II. in his first year at Abydos, where he was prophet, to the office of First
Prophet of Amnion. Sethe, A.Z. xliv. 30.

Excellent copy of the tomb of Eameses IX., with plan, sections and
photographs. F. G-uilmant, La Tombecm de Ramses IX. (Mem. de I'Inst.
Arch. Fr., tome xv.). There is no text, but the description by Lefebure in
tome vi. of the Mission forms a good guide to it. Additions to the plates
can be found in the older copies.

Dendeea. Statue of Qu. Mut[emua ?]. Weigall, Ann. viii. 46.

Qau el Kebie. Middle Kingdom statue. Muhd. Effendi Shaban, Ann.
viii. 222.

Tuna. Naos of Xekhtharheb, id. ib.

Eshmunen". Colossus of Eameses II. usurped by Meneptah, pylon and
forecourt of a temple of Meneptah and Sety II., Middle Kingdom remains,
etc., with plan. id. ib. 211.

El Amaena. Tombs of Any and May and the small or uninscribed
tombs in the southern group. Boundary stelae ; the earlier proclamation
of the fourth year, the long text of which—almost unknown hitherto—
is in a very fragmentary state, and the later and less interesting decree
of the sixth year. The texts of the latter are shown in parallel lines.
Davies, El Amarna V.

Hatnub Quaeeies. Preliminary report on the inscriptions in the two
quarries by Mollee, who collected seventeen in hieroglyphic and fifty-
two in hieratic. Only twelve hieroglyphic and sixteen hieratic texts
had previously been known. The inscriptions give two new kings and a
succession of twelve nomarchs of Hermopolis, at least nine of them dating
between Dyns. VI and XII. The inscriptions in the earlier quarry begin
with Cheops (tablet figured), and continue through the Vlth Dynasty to the
independent nomarchs contemporary with the Xth and Xlth Dynasties
(one of these, dated in the 4th year of Xehera son of Kema, is figured). In
the second quarry, which was worked for only a short time, the earliest
text is of Usertesen I. Mollee, Sitzb. Bcrl. Akad. 1908, 679, cf. Eeman,
ib 1907, 849.

Speos Aetemidos. Stela of Tethmosis III. Muhd. Effendi Siiaban,
Ann. viii. 223.
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