Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1907-1908

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


Kom esh sheikh Mobarak, opposite Minieh. Statue of Khamuas, son
of Barneses II., and bricks of Menkheperre. id. ib. 223.

Sharoxa. Tomb of the Vlth Dynasty (cf. P.S.B.A. 1899). Smolensk,
Ami. viii. 149.

Hawara. Block of Amenemhat III. Muh'1. Effendi Shaban, Ann. viii.
223. -

Mitrahineh. Lintel of Merenptah. Qdtbkll, Ann. viii. 120.

Sakkara. Three tombs of the Vlth Dynasty and portions of another,
discovered by Loret near the pyramid of Teta, in 107 photographic plates
with descriptive text. Many of the scenes are of great interest, but the
photographs are not so successful as we have learned to expect from
M. Carart's previous works. Gapart, Una rue de tombeaux a Saqqarah,
reviewed by Wiedemann, O.L.Z. xi. 127.

The first part has been issued of an edition by Brof. Sethe of the
texts of the five inscribed pyramids at Sakkara. A revision has been made
for this with squeezes and photographs, and in the course of it a good deal
has been added from fragments which escaped the first editor. The
publication is in a very convenient form, the varying texts being shown in
parallel lines, the sentences and chapters divided and numbered, and the
line numbers of Brof. Maspero's edition are also given. According to the
prospectus the whole work, including translations and notes, glossary and
palaeographic list of signs, should be completed in about four years.
This undertaking of the Gottingen professor is of the highest importance
for the study alike of the Egyptian religion in its early phases, of the
language, and of the writing. Die Altacgyptischcn Pyramidentexte.

(b) From Museums :—

CAIRO. Second part of the Catalogue of the stelae of the Middle
Kingdom, containing the description of the second half of the collection
{Grab und Dcnhstcine des Mittleren Reichs, von H. 0. Lange und H. Schafer,
Theil II.). As Bart IV. (plates) is already published, one more volume will
complete this important work.

Texts on the well-known stela of the daughter of Cheops, including
several lines hitherto unpublished, Daressy, Bee. de Trav. xxx. 1. M.
Daressy (who attributes the sculpture of the Great Sphinx to the end of
the Xllth Dynasty) considers that the dedication by Cheops to Isis may
be copied from an older document, and suggests the reign of Ama3is II. as
a likely date for the stela.

Funerary stela of Bacis, the bull of Hermonthis, in very debased
hieroglyphic of the reign of Augustus (?). id. ib. 10.
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