Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1907-1908

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Peogeess of Egyptology.

Stela of Usertesen IV., completing the king's protocol, from Karnak.
Legeain, Bee. de Trav. xxx. 15. Statue from Karnak of Petemut of Dyn.
XXII., whose great-grandfather was fourth prophet of Ammon and great
chief of the Mehas (?), a title which is compared with the sheikh of the
Ma'aze tribe in the Eastern desert north of Qeneh and Quser. Ann. viii. 56.
Heliopolitan stela of Haremheb, found in Cairo, given by M. Dattari,
id. ib. 57 ; monuments of Nebua, chief prophet of Ammon under Haremheb,
id. ib. 269.

Half of a sarcophagus inscribed for a late queen Uza-shu, from Masara,
near Belgas, in the central Delta. Edgae and Daressy, Ann. viii. 276.

Athens. Inscriptions on statue of Harwoz, son of Harwa, compared
with four others of the same person in the Vatican, Vienna (Miramar
collection) and Cairo, from the Karnak find. Legeain, Bee. de Trav. xxx.

Athens and Constantinople. An excellent edition of stelae (none of
great importance), photographed, described and indexed: Poetnee, Grab-
steine und Denksteine aus Athen mid Konstantinopel.

Bologna. Statuette of a prince of Shaat named Ahmasi, illustrating
another in Cairo, Legeain, Ann. viii. 53. Stela with new form of titles
of Apries, id. ib. 54.

turin. Statue of Peteamenopi, in the inscription on which there is a
reference to the princess [Ankhnesneferebre] as first prophetess of Ammon.
Legeain, Ann. viii. 127.

Berlin. Statue of a priest of Edfu under Psammetichus I., having
interesting titles ; with full commentary. EANKE, A.Z. xliv. 42. Decree
of Nekhtharheb forbidding quarrying, from Abydos. Bueciiaedt, A.Z.
xliv. 55.

Copenhagen. Stelae of the Middle Kingdom and Empire in the bishop's
palace. Madsen, Rev. Egyptologigue, xii. 216.

Hastings (Brassey Institute): Mummy-case with inscriptions. Miss
Murray, P.S.B.A. xxx. 20.

London (Soane Museum). Stelae of private persons. Capart, P.S.B.A.
xxix. 311.

Halifan. A remarkable little collection, consisting of an inscribed
stela of Illrd Dyn. workman ship, a table of offerings, a false door, and a
pair of small obelisks of the Old Kingdom, and a stela of the New Kingdom.
They were brought from Egypt in 1839, and a few years ago were removed
to the Museum by Mr. Ling Roth, who showed them to Prof. Peteie.
Banlcfield Museum Notes, No. 4, Egyptian Tablets, by W. MlDGLEY (pub-
lished at Halifax, Yorkshire, price one penny).
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