Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1907-1908

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Progress of Egyptology.

Small bronze figure of a singer in a characteristic attitude with hand to
right cheek. Maspero, Ann. viii. 282.

The second livraison of Von Bissing's Catalogue of stone vessels in the
Cairo Museum, containing introduction and indices to the catalogue pub-
lished in 1904, and some supplementary plates. The introduction describes
the processes employed in making and polishing the vessels, and the
characteristics of dating.

Von Bissing, writing on the history of glass in Egypt, Rev. Arch. xi.
211, is presumably right in attributing a rod of mosaic glass with the name of
Amenemhat III. (Marres) to the Eoman age. But, as he points out, pieces
of coloured glass for inlaying are known from the earliest historical times.

L'art ct la parure feminine dans I'Anciennc Egypte, by J. Cap art, is a
well illustrated pamphlet on female attire and toilet articles, reviewed by
Von Bissing, Sphinx xi. 197.

The Cairo catalogue of mirrors and mirror-handles enumerates over a
hundred specimens, some of them inscribed or engraved with designs and
scenes, or having known provenances giving date. In a long introduction
M. Benedite discusses the materials, forms of the mirrors and the handles,
and the covers and cases.

The amulets are catalogued by Beisner, with twenty-five plates of
outline figures of type.

A fine collection of scarabs in Cairo is published by Newberry, The
Timins Collection of ancient Egyptian Scarabs and cylinder Seals, with
21 plates.

Mrs. Grenfell, who has made a large collection of impressions and
drawings of scarabs, publishes the designs on 190 specimens, and discusses
them as ' amuletic scarabs for the deceased,' Rcc. dc Tram. xxx. 105, and
enumerates divinities and animals figured upon scarabs, with illustrations.
Rendiconti of the Aceademia dei Lincei, xvii. 135.

Eifty-six types of seals from burnt documents of Ptolemaic age, relating
in part to Philae. Miss M. A. Murray, A.Z. xliv. 62.

The Cairo. Catalogue of Bijoux et Or ferneries is by M. E. VERNIER, a
person of technical training in the manufacture of jewellery, who has also
published an elaborate and important study on La Bijouterie el la Joaillerie
Egyptiennes, in the memoirs of the Cairo Institut Erancais, dealing
systematically with the processes observed or likely to have been

Legrain points out that the lion-headed bracelet on the Vatican statue
of the age of Darius belongs to the original work, and is not due to the
modern restorers. Ann. viii. 52,
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