Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1909-1910

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Progeess of Egyptology.

(b) From Muséums :—

Cairo. Ten more chapters of tlie religious texts from coifins of the
Middle Kingdom. Lacau, Bec. de Trav. xxxi. 161, xxxii. 78.

The tables of offerings, ranging from the Middle Kiugdom (whereof
many are royal) to the end of the pagan period, are edited with indexes
by Ahmed Bey Kamal, Les tables d'offrandes. The volume of plates bears
the date 1906. Beviewed by JÉquier, Sphinx, xiii. 282.

Rome. Beraarkable inscriptions on the statue of a priest carrying a
shrine of Thoth in the Vatican. Tuea.ieff, A.Z. xlvi. 74.

Avignon. Ten stelae and similar objects of the Middle and New
Kingdoms, in the Musée Calvet. Moret, Rec. de Trav. xxxii. 137.

Berlin text transcribed from a hieratic papyrus of the reign of Eameses
III., recently acquired by the Berlin Muséum. Itthrows light on a group
of documents in London and Turin relating to the Theban necropolis,
and leads to the discovery that an oracle of Amenhotp I. existed in
the necropolis during the XXth Dynasty. Erman, Sitzb. Berl. Aie.
1910, 330.

Karlsruiie. Inscription giving the title " Chief Prophet of Ptah " (sic)
to a certain Eahotp. "Wiedemann, Sphinx, xiv. 35.

Copeniiagen. Complète publication of the inscriptions in the Thor-
waldsen Muséum. Madsen, Sphinx, xiii. 49.

Inscription in the Ny Carlsberg collection recording a visit to Bubastis.
id. ib. xiii. 2G3.

Hamilton Palace (Scotland). Black granité sarcophagus with red-
granite cover inscribed for Pa-basa the steward of Nitocris, daughter of
Psammetichus I. G. Cami'bell, The Sarcophagus of Pa-basa.

(c) General:—

The hourly ritual in the mysteries of Osiris, parallel texts of the twenty-
four hours from Edfu, Dendera and Philae, the first two collated with
squeezes. Junker, Die Stundcnwachcn in den Osirismystcrien (Denlcschrift
of Vienna Academy).

Hieratic. A médical papyrus of the XIXth Dynasty, published long ago
by Brugsch in lithography, is very thoroughly edited in photograplis with
description, hieroglyphic translitération, translation, and glossaiy by Wees-
zinski, Die grosse medizinische Papyrus des Berliner Muséums.

A papyrus in the Vatican regarding the sale of a slave of year 21 (?) of
Psammetichus I. (written in " abnormal hieratic"). Geiffith, P.S.B.A.
xxxii. 5.
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