Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1909-1910

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Akchaeology, Hiekoglyphic Studies, Etc.

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Dcmotic. Mortgage coutract in the British Muséum of year 20 of
Ptolemy Philometor, with Greek docket, edited with philological commen-
tary by Reich. Sphinx, xiii. 239.

Ostracoti with contract of temporary marriage, late Ptolemaic or early
Roman. Spiegelberg, À.Z. xlvi. 112.

Inscription from a quarry in Gebel et Tarif mentioning tke Phoenix-bird,
etc. id. Ami. x. 31.

Edition of a bilingual contract in the British Muséum from Socnopaeus,
of the 41st year of Augustus. The demotic band is very peculiar and tbe
text badly worn, but it contains much tbat is of interest to demotists, and
tbis publication, with a minutely careful hand-copy, is particularly welcome.
The contract was the subject of litigation, and Greek translations of it
exist not only in the British Muséum, but also at Vienna. Reich,
Sphinx, xiv. 1.


Prof. BPiEASTEd's History of Egypt bas been translated into German by
Eanke with additions supplied by tbe author. Geschichlc Acgijptcns
reviewed by Wiedemann, O.L.Z. xiii. 310.

Prof. Lieblein has publisbed a first instalment of Recherches archéo-
logiques sur l'histoire et la civilisation de l'Ancienne Êgypte. It contains a
sketch of the history of Egypt from the earliest times to the âge of the
El-Amarna letters, on a chronological framework which lie first proposed
in 1863, assigning a duration of 3555 years to tbe native dynasties. Tbis
ligure is given by Africanus and is reached again by deducting from the sum
of the dynasties in Africanus the years of certain dynasties which may
be viewed as collatéral. Reviewed by Wiede.maxn, Sphinx, xiv. 85. In
Sphinx, xiii. 37, Lieblein draws attention to some confirmations of bis
System of cbronology derived from the Amarna letters, and to the fact
that Meyer's System agrées approximately with bis.

Note on the entries regarding king Kbasekhemui on the stone of
Palermo, showing that he succeeded bis father at the âge of three.
Passypkin, Bec. de Trav. xxxii. 28.

The king's name formerly read as Huni from later documents, is sliown
by the earlier monuments to be Hu, " striker." Borciiardt, A.Z. xlvi. 12.

M. Daeessy points ont tbat tbe évidence of récent discoveries agrées
with that of its position in fixing the âge of the Great Sphinx to the
IVth Dynasty and the reign of Chephren ; the head of an alabaster statue
discovered by Dr. Peisner in the temple of Mykerinus shows the saine
treatment of tbe head-dress. With regard to the trenches east of the
loading ...