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Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1909-1910

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Great Pyramid he would explain them by the discoveries at Dahshur and
Abusir as dry canals intended for the barges of the suri, and suggests that
the memory of thèse may have given rise to the story of a subterranean
canal in Herodotus. Bulletin de l'Inst. Eg. sér. V. tome III. p. 35.

Criticism of Meyee's reconstruction of Dyn. XI. Naville, A.Z. xlvi.
82 {cf. above, p. 26).

A date of the 6th. year of ïutankhamun on linen from the tomb of
Akhenaton is the first date discovered in this reign and indicates when
the removal of the body took place. Maspeko, Bec. de Trctv. xxxii. 88.

Following an observation of Barsànti, Maspero detects signs at Beit
Wally that the cartouches of Bameses II. in their earlier form have bcen
superposed on some other, presumably Sety or Eameses I. Ann. x. 6.

Legrain gives the genealogy and succession of the chief prophets of
Osivis at Abydos of the family of Unnofri under Dyn. XIX, Bec. de Trav.
xxxi. 201 ; continuiug with the study of certain piïests of Anhur and
others called the " brothers " or " sisters " of Unnofri on the monuments,
but apparently not in the literal sensé of the words. id. ib. xxxii. 29.

Fragment of stela from Elephantine showing Kashta as ruling king
with his prenomen (hitherto unknown) before the deities of the cataract.
Maspero, Ann. x. 5.

Ou the titles of a man of Ptolemaic (?) âge claiming to be " king's
brother and king's father." Wiedemann, Sphinx, xiv. 37.

Cartouches of Philadelphie at Kom el-Ahmar near Sharuna.
Smolenski, Ann. x. 26.

The temple of Ergamenes at Dakka was preceded by one of ïethmosis
III., apparently dedicated to Horus of Baki, the remains of which are seen
worked into the roadway by which the temple was approached. Maspero,
Ann. x. 4.

Elaborate memoir on the various promulgations of the Memphite decree
of the Bosetta stone. Bevillout, Journal Asiatique, lOtli ser., t. xv.
p. 203.


G. F. montagu publishes a new plan showing the précise positions of
the boundary stelae of Tell el-Amarna. The site of stela F, missing since
Peïrie's discovery and survey of it, was identified with probability. The
resulting value for the ater is closely 2500 mètres = 4756-4773 cubits.
Cairo Scientific Journal, iii. 80.

BissiNG observes that the flow of the Nile north and south from a spring
at the First Cataract which is recorded as a taie by Herodotus (Hdt. ii. 28)
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