Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1909-1910

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Abchaeology, Hiekoglyphic Studies, Etc.


can be explained by the counter current which actually runs southward
from the Cataract as far as Kalabsha. Bec. de Trav. xxxii. 45.

foreign relations.

Europcan. The wonderful disk found at Phaestus stamped with an
inscription in hieroglyphic characters, each separately impressed with a
stainp, is discussed by A. J. Evans in his publication of the earliest Cretan
writings entitled Scripta Minoa. Ed. Meyer, Sitzb. Berl. Ah. 1909, 1022,
and A. J. Keinach, Bev. Arch. xv. 1, also discuss the resemblance of one
of the signs to the représentations of Philistines as shown on the Egyptian

ïhe relations of Egypt and Crète. Hall, P.S.B.A. xxxi. 280, 311 ;
review of Hawes' Crète the forerunner of Greeec, by Hall, Man, 1910,
No. 50, of FlNNEN's Zcit und Berner der Krctisch-Myhcnischen Kultur, by
Max Mullee, O.B.Z. xiii. .171. On the Egyptian naines of Crète and
Cyprus, Max Muli.eiï, il. xiii. 108. WlEDEMANN draws attention to a
text in the tomb of Rameses VI. which seenis to place the Keftiu in the
northern islands, i.e. Cyprus, etc., and suggests that Crète was reached by
way of the Keftiu islands, but was not itself the Keftiu. O.L.Z. xiii. 49.

Miss LOEIMER a fragment of a Greek vase found at Naucratis,
Joiim. Hcll. St. xxx. 35, and in the same volume S. P. Dkoop discusses
the dates of the " Cyrenaic " or Laconian vases, several of whicli were
found at Naucratis.

The temenos of the Egyptian divinities Sarapis, Isis, Anubis, Harpo-
crates, etc., at Delos is described in C.B. 1910, p. 294.

Two volumes bave been written by C. Sourdille dealing very fully
with Herodotus' travels and description of Egypt, namely, Ba durée et
l'étendue du voyage d'Hérodote en Mgypte, and Hérodote et la religion de
l'Egypte. The author is not. an Egyptologist, but shows a considérable
acquaintance with certain sides of Egyptological literature.

Asia Minor, etc. W. Max MijLLEE argues from_the spelling of the
name that the Egyptians were well acquainted with the Hittites before the
XVIIIth Dynasty, probably in the Hyksos period. O.B.Z. xii. 427.

In an article on the Kharri or Arians mentioned in the Boghaz Keui
tablets, Wixgklee shows the identity of the -maryn mentioned in
Egyptian documents of the New Kingdom with the marianna or aristocracy
of the Mitannian court and empire. O.B.Z. xiii. 289.

Mcsopotamia, Syria, Sémites.

RankEj a scholar svho formerly worked in the Assyrian field, but lias
lately devoted himself to Egyptology, publishes an exhaustive collection

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