Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1909-1910

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show that, although the riile liolds in a vast majority of instances, it is in
l'act capable of being varied at pleasure. id. ib. 153, 162.

Assimilation of 'Ayin to other weak consonants, Eeman, A.Z. xlvi. 96 ;
on an early class of adjectives formed from verbs and nonns by suffixing
n (fem. nt). id. ib. 104.

Grammatica délia lingua egiziana, a small grammar in Italian, by Farina.

Discussion of the MSS. of Sinuhe and comnientary on the text reaching
to 1. 110 of the Berlin papyrus, Gardiner, Bec. de Trav. xxxii. 1, 214.
This excellent comnientary goes a long way towards explaining the
mimerons difficulties of language and subject-matter of the story.

and the name of Isis, Grapow, A.Z. xlvi. 107: examples of the
hitherto unknown passive of sdm-ka-f. id. ib. 139 : spelling of wnm
"eat" with written n. id. ib. 141.

Additional notes on Pap. Dodgson, Griffiïii, P.S.B.A. xxxi. 289 ; the
alphabet used in the glosses of the Magical Papyrus of London and
Leiden, and discussion of those glosses which are of philological interest.
id. A.Z. xlvi. 117.

CqI = hnk, a covered basket for offerings on feast days : CqI sa also a
covered basket for carrying food. Jéquier, Bulletin, vii. 89.

On the évidence of their âge afforded by the forms of proper names.
Maspero, Bec. de Trav. xxxii. 70.

Montet compares certain Egyptian usages with the classical hendiadys
of the poets, SjAinx, xiii. 45, points out that hs " praise " and hs "sing"
having difierent radicals, the attempts to connect them in meaning must
necessarily fail. ib. 275.

W. Max Muller fînds a false <rr> to (| as an élément in archaic

orthography (not <zz> changing to (j). Bec. de Trav. xxxi. 182. Eeview

of Gardiner's Admonitions of an Egyptian Sage. O.L.Z. xii. 496, of
Spiegelberg's Dcmolischen Papyrus der Musées royaux du Cinquantenaire,
ib. xiii. 212.

- hm by the cuneiform équivalent. EANKE, A.Z. xlvi. 109.
Identification of the title Emuithes of the Greek bilinguals in a demotic
text. Eeich, Sphinx, xiii. 269.

The name of the "Phoenix" boni, Spiegelberg, A.Z. xlvi. 142: the
vocalisation ai of the dual fem. recorded in the Grecised form of an
Egyptian word, with notable similarity to the Semitic dual. id. O.L.Z.
xii. 531. Eeview of Griffptii and Thompsom's Demotic Magiccd Papyrus,
vol. III. Indices, id. ib. 548.
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