Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1909-1910

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Christian Egypt.


lives of Maximus and Domitius, the patrons of the monastery of Baramous
(contemporaries of Macarius) ; in the same number of the Patrologia
L. Leroy publishes the Arabie miracles of Ptolemy, the martyr of Memphis
celebrated on Mesori II.

The Bohairic martyrdoms edited by Balestri and Hyvernat (v. Report
1907-08, 67) are reviewed54 by Wiedemann.

Nau gives65 an analysis of the Syiïac version of a s tory with an
Egyptian origin, the vision of Theophilus, 23rd Patriarch of Alexandria, on
the sojourn of the Virgin in Egypt : and the same is the subject of two
Arabie MSS. analysed 5C by P. Dib, in the form of sermons by Cyriacus,
Bishop of Oxyrhynchus.

The Christian Arabie MSS. that bave been acquired by or deposited in
the Bibliothèque Nationale since the publication of the Catalogue are
described 57 by B, Griveau, and among them there are several of Egyptian
origin. Mention may be made of the sermons of Joseph, Bishop of
Derrega and Achmim, several lectionaries, dogmatic works, and lives of
saints, and a large volume of homilies on the Archangel Michael.

Leroy 58 translates an Arabie MS. in Paris containing the " Fallin"
asleep of the Virgin": it appears to be a lection for the 21st day of

Wixstedt, having already given some account of the story of the island
in the Bed Sea which Nero or Domitian caused to be watered with oil
(v. last Report, 61) no w 59 publishes the whole passage from Epiphanius
de gemmis, with an elaborate commentary on the precious stones mentioned
in it and the names of the Indian tribes which are there given.

An account and history of ancient Alexandria bave been publishèd60 by
A. M. de Zogheb (himself an Alexandrine). The later chapters give an
account of the Church, lists of Patriarchs, Jacobite and Melchite, and a
description of the Couneils held there.

Budge's publication of the two British Muséum Nubian MSS. is
reviewed 61 at length by W. WEni, who has an interesting description on
the relation of the Ethiopie lives of St. Menas to their Greek originals,
and by 02 Maspero ; see also Kaufmann's book below, p. 64.

St. Menas is also the subject of some short notes 03 by Chaîne, who
considers the light thrown upon the results of excavations such as Kauf-
mann's by the Coptic and Ethiopie texts. He has several suggestions to
make as to Budge's translations from the latter.

6. Non-Literary Texts.—A demotic papyrus, publishèd by Bevillout in
the P.S.B.A. v. (18S2), p. 4, was supposed to be the anathema of a
mother against her son who had becoine Christian and changed bis name
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