Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1909-1910

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Pkogeess of Egyftology.

a cross) to correct Strzygowski's characterisation of a similar figure at
Cairo as " gnostic." He regards it as a " représentation of triumphant

Eurther results of the excavation of the Menas sanctuary are published 82
by KAUFMANN in the shape of a fine séries of illustrations and descriptions
-of the very numerous Menas flashs, with some investigation of their
artistic pedigree. There are useful additions in the shape of several
versions of the Menas story (c.g. from the Ethiopie Synaxariv/m), and a
chapter on the new B.M. Nubian MS. (v. last Report 61, and above, p. 61).

The Monastery of St. Jeremias at Saqqara was excavated by Qdibell
in 1907-8, and the results are now published 83 in a splendidly illustrated
volume. Quibell bas identified the topography of a large part of the
monastery, chureb, cells, refectory, store-houses, etc., and the Coptic
inscriptions, 168 in number, are dealt with by Sir H. Thojipson, who adds
an index to them. Of the 66 plates, about 50 represent Coptic objects, and
many of the designs (ornaments, capitals of pilllars, etc.) are extremely
fine spécimens of Christian art in Egypt.

Flindees Petrie's volume 84 on Qurneb lias one plate of a pièce of what
must once bave been a fine Coptic jar, with a bold papyrus pattern.

The Nubian excavations at' Areika bave produced nothing distiuctly
Christian. Maciver and Woolley in their account85 think that on one
stamped terra-cotta slab the remains may have been part of a crux gemmata
(plate 29, fig. 6) ; but otherwise they cautiously speak of certain pièces
(plate 29, figs. 1-5, 11) as showing "a nearer approach to what may be
callei.l Coptic art."

9. Misccllaneous.—0. von Lemm continues 80 his Miscellanea : among bis
fifteen new studies mention may be made of no. Ixix, which includes a
resteration of the ostracon containing the Périme de adultéra (its only
occurrence in the Sa'. N. T.); no. lxx, ciïticisms of Spiegelberg's sugges-
tions of Arabie influence on the Cambyses story (v. last Report 66) ; no.
lxxii, notes on the story of St. Tychon ; no. lxiii, notes on Coptic hymno-
logy ; the word udeon, used at the beginning of the «-verse in acrostic
hymns, and formerly derived from the Arabie, is explained as merely
representing 77S?; on, " further also." No. lxxv, on Schmidt's first Epistle
of St. Clément (v. Report 1906-07, 68) ; no. lxxvii, suggestions in the
Biblical fragments published by Winstedt (v. Report 1903-4, 74); no.
lxxviii, on some of the Shenute passages published by Wessely (v. last
Report 58) ; no. Ixxix, on the same editor's text from the Paralipomena
Jeremiae (v. last Report 55) ; no. lxxxi, the Physiologus in Coptic ; and
no. Ixxxii, on the Queen of Sheba's riddle in Junker's essay on lOth
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