Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1909-1910

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Christian Egypt.


cenlirry Coptic poetry (v. Report 1907-8, 63). It is very much to be
wished that tins séries of Miscellanea could be obtained, like the Kl. Kopt.
Studien, separately from the expensive periodical in which they appear.
Nos. lxxii-lxxvii (v. last Report 69) are reviewed 87 and commentée! on by

Higher éducation in Alexandria in the 4th and 5th centuries (schools of
Law, Philosophy, Khetoric) is described88 by F. SCHEMMEL.

Further posthumous essays89 of V. Bolotof appear, dealing with Egyptian
geography and geographers. He regards the fipèfitov of Melitius of
Lycopolis as the fountain of Egyptian historical geography.

Crum's catalogue of the Eylands MSS. is reviewed90 by M. E. James
with especial référence to apocryphal fragments : ofcher reviews 91 92 93 liave
also appeared.

A most useful summary catalogue of the Coptic MSS. in the Bibliothèque
Nationale bas been begun94 by L. Delapohte. He started it in the order
of the inventory in the written catalogue, but in déférence to M. Omont's
request he lias changed the order to that of subjects : he lias at présent
described the Bohairic Biblical MSS., copies of the Katameros, and
Lectionaries for varions seasons of the year.

F. von Oefkle bas a note 95 on the «r^teo? or mastic-tree mentioned
by von Lemm as occurring in a Leyden MS.

Visits to Abou Mena,90 by camel from Bahig, in the Libyan désert, by
Cotêt, and to Belmesa97 (Oxyrhynchus) by an unnamed Franciscan, with
sorae accounts of the (Uniat ?) Copts résident there, have appeared tins

In the course of a correspondence98 between A. B. Sayce and W. J.
Garnett on the political conditions caused by the mixed races of Egypt,
Sayce expresses the view that in Upper Egypt the Fellaheen remained
Christian up to the anarchie period of the 18th century.

Mrs. E. L. Butciier gives,98a in a popular form, a few détails as to the
life of the modem Copts.

The assassination of Boutros l'asha, the Coptic Prime Minister, was the
occasion of many notices 99 of Coptic Christianity in the public press, few
of them layiDg any claim to accuracy.

" Coptic " is still100 used as an expression for a typically outlandish and
bizarre language (cf. Macaulay's Essay on Croker's Johnson).

S. Gaselee.

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