Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1910-1911

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Pbogbess of Egyptology.

aspect of the ruin will be sacrificed in the course of the temple's preserva-
tion ; but I think that M. Baesanti realises the delicacy of his task and
will be gentle in his application of cement. Monsieur Babaize is repairing
the temple of Der el Medineh, which again is a delicate job. But, if we
may judge by his absolutely perfect rebuilding of the doorway of the
temple, accomplished last year, the repairs could not be in better hands.
He has managed to retain, in this doorway, all the irregular outlines and
surfaces of the ruin, and to hide his cement in a most praiseworthy

" At Kasr es Saiad we have had iron doors put on both of the Vlth
Dynasty tombs. At Dendereh netting has been put on the doors to
keep out the bats. At Karnak Monsieur Legbain continues his work,
upon which he has sent a report to you as usual.* At Esneh the temple
has been further cleared. At El Kab we have put iron doors on the
tombs remaining exposed. At Edfu some trees have been planted
around the temple. At Aswan iron doors have been put on two of the
tombs of Koubet el Howa. At Aniba the tomb of Pennut, which was
lately much damaged by thieves, has been protected with an icon door.
Monsieur Baesanti has now finished his work of repairing the temples of
Lower Nubia, and the excavation of the ancient sites in danger from the
raising of the height of the Aswan dam will be finished by Mr. C. Fieth
this coming winter. The dam will be finished in 1912, and I am hoping
that we shall be able to found a museum at Aswan for the exhibition of
the antiquities discovered during these works. I went up to Nubia in
April last and minutely examined the concessions given for the making
of the new villages when the present ones are flooded out. It was my
object to see that not a single rock-drawing or graffito should be contained
within the sites selected, and, thanks to the co-operation of the Lands-
Department, I feel sure that no graffito will be lost. We have appointed
several more ghafivs in Lower Nubia, and that part of my district is now
well protected.

"Excavations have been carried on during the winter in various parts of
my district. At Kuft Dr. Eeixach continued his work; at the Tombs of
the Kings Mr. Davis excavated as usual, but found practically nothing;.
Mr. Winlock cleared out a large part of the palace of Amenophis III.,
south of Medinet Habu ; Lord CaEnaevon made some interesting
discoveries further to the north, including a tomb containing eighty
coffins ; Dr. Moller cleared a small temple near the German House;,

* Unfortunately no report lias arrived from M. Legrain this year. —[Ed.]
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