Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1910-1911

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Progress of Egyptology.

that of C. Schmidt (v. Report 1907-08, 64). For this reason a review37
by Schmidt is of particular interest, and a few completions of lacunae
suggested by him are deserving of the greatest respect.

Commenting on the Ethiopic version of the Didascalia, which is being
translated by J. Francon, Nau 38 finds indications that the Ethiopic
rendering was made from the Coptic rather than from the Greek or

Th. Lefort 39 has unearthed in Paris the single leaf of the Apostolic
Constitutions edited by Maspero which was missing when Leipoldt produced
his edition (v. Report 1903-04, 79). There are four very small corrections
to be made in Maspero's text. A variant text of a portion of this work,
from the Golenischeff collection, is printed39a by von Lemm in no. lxxxix
of his Miscellen.

In an edition 40 of the " Vision of Dionysius the Areopagite at Heliopolis "
[in Syria] P. P[eeters] makes use of the Sa'idic version already published
by von Lemm, and remarks that it is the fullest of all the redactions

Schmidt and Schubart publish 41 a volume of early Christian Greek
texts from the Berlin collection. It includes St. Ignatius, Up. ad
Smyrnaeos III fin.-XII 1; the Shepherd of Hermas II 7-10 and IV 2-5
(already published by Diele-Harnack and Ehrhard); anthologies from
St. Basil's letters and from the Vita Mosis of St. Gregory of Nyssa
(previously published by Landwehr); a long and most interesting festal
letter of the Patriarch Alexander II at the beginning of the eighth
century (v. Report 1906-07, 70); and some small liturgical fragments
and amulets.

The account of the reception of St. Athanasius' Paschal letter on the
Canon of the Bible by Theodore of Tabennese (Bohairic, and a small
Sa'idic fragment) is republished42 by Lefort, Amelineau's previous
publication being incomplete. The most interesting part is at the end,
which describes how Theodore bade the brethren translate the letter into
Coptic and he then " placed it in the monastery to be their rule (vofws)."

Th. Lefort edits43 from a Paris MS., with variants from a British
Museum palimpsest, a homily of Pope Liberius on Fasting. He thinks
that the homily was translated into Coptic before the middle of the
fifth century, and that it is very possibly authentically ascribed to
its author. The Greek or Latin original does not seem to be extant.

The third volume of the Berlin St. Clement (v. last Report, 59) is briefly
examined,44 chiefly from a textual point of view, by Koetschau.
Klostermann's review45 deals chiefly with vol. II.
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