Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1911-1912

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


Philology and Palaeography.

The editing of the Berlin Worterbuch has reached to wbd. Liter alia,
the most important texts in the temple of Kom Omho have been
photographed as material for it. Erman, Sitzb. 1912.

On vowels in Egyptian and in the Semitic languages. Eevillout,
Rev. Eg. xiii. 134.

Lacau comments on the third edition of Erman's Grammatik section
by section, almost to the end of the portion dealing with orthography.
His notes, which are of great interest, lay special stress on the usages of
the earliest period, Rec. de Trav. xxxiv. 206. The Grammar is reviewed
by Mallon, Sphinx, xv. 151.

Jeqtjier suggests that the rare ??i««-building is referred to in a corrupt
text of the early Book of the Dead, Rec. de Trav. xxxiv. 117, discusses
the words apd, unt in the story of Khufu and the Magicians, and identifies
them as names of the component parts of a shrine, ib. 118; on the
pronunciation of r in Egyptian, ib. 121.

BissiNG discusses the personal pronouns and makes some ingenious
suggestions regarding the formation of the absolute forms from the suffixes,
Sphinx, xv. 136.

On the infinitive form sdmtf with preceding negative. Blackman,
A.Z. xlix. 103.

On certain words and phrases in chs. 17, 64, 71 of the Book of the Dead,
with remarks on vocalisation and the ayin. Naville, Sphinx, xv. 193.

Golenischeff has published a complete transcript of the famous
Petersburg papyrus containing the story of the Shipwrecked Sailor, with
notes and an elaborate glossary, which should be very useful to students.
Le Conte du Naufrage in the Bibliotheqxie d'Etude of the Cairo Institute.

Gardiner continues and completes his remarkable notes on the Story of
Sinuhe. Rec. de Trav. xxxiv. 52, 193. A new word sin, " wait for."
A.Z. xlix. 100.

Comments on the Story of the Eloquent Peasant. Lexa, Rec. de Trav.
xxxiv. 218.

Sethe corrects the puzzling reading, Meruitensi, of the name of the high
official in the Peasant story, to " Eensi, son of Meru," and explains the
form in which the filiation is expressed. A.Z. xlix. 95.

Moller reviews Lexa's demotische Todtenbuch der Pariser Bibliothek,
O.L.Z. xv. 76, and Spiegelberg's Sagenkreis des Konigs Pctubastis, ib. 135

Difficult variants in an early funerary formula. Sottas, Rec. de Trav.
xxxiv. 25.

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