Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1911-1912

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Progress of Egyptology.

Wiedemann. Early figure of a hippopotamus, Middle Kingdom plaque,
with bull butting, Egyptian and Japanese monkeys (showing similar
treatment without the possibility of borrowing), toilet objects, and a very
remarkable table of offerings from Karlsruhe. P.S.B.A., xxxiii. 197.

Walters. Clay sealing of the second century a.d. from Egypt.
Annual Brit. Sck. xvi. 290.

Personal, etc.

A biographical notice of the late Professor Lieblein of Christiania, by
Maspero, is printed in Bee. de Trav. xxxiv. 114, and another by
Andersson, with a portrait and a chronological list of his works,
beginning in 1862, in Sphinx, xv. 161.

In the Bibliotheque Egyptologique there have appeared a fourtli volume
of De Rouge's Oeuvres diverses, covering the period from 1858 to 1868,
and the fifth and sixth volumes of Maspero's Etudes de mythologie ct
d'archeologie Bgyptiennes, containing articles from 1887 to 1899 on Syria
in the Egyptian inscriptions, and many other matters, and reviews of
current literature from the Bevue Critique, which it is very convenient to
possess in a collected form.

At the anniversary meeting of the Berlin Academy to commemorate
the birthday of its founder, Leibnitz, the Leibnitz medal in silver was
awarded to four persons in acknowledgment of special services in
furthering the objects of the Academy. Amongst these four was
Mr. N. de G. Davies, whose remarkable talent in reproducing the lines
of the Egyptian draughtsman is seen in so many volumes of the Archaeo-
logical Survey of the Egypt Exploration Fund.

F. Ll. Griffith.


At the time of writing this Eeport, there can be no question that the first
place in importance among the discoveries announced and published during
the past year is held, as so often in previous years, by the annual volume
of the Graeco-Roman Branch of the Egypt Exploration Fund. There are
rumours of something of great importance to appear in Germany this year;
but at present nothing has been published which can rival Part IX. of the
Oxyrhynclius Papyri} The special feature of this volume is, of course, the
loading ...