Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1911-1912

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Progress of Egyptology.

compare the texts with the Greek and Syriac parallels and discuss the
theological questions arising on the authors and contents of the sermons.
Budge is meanwhile85 at work at editing the British Museum MS.
Or. 6783, and a fairly large part of his book has been passed for press;
this should be an interesting publication, as the MS. is said to contain the
Acts of Eustathius Placidus, the life of St. Cyrus the Anchorite by Pambo
of Scete, an encomium upon Demetrius of Alexandria by Flavius of
Ephesus, the Asceticon and an epistle of Ephraem Syrus, and a life of
John Calybites. It is dated a.d. 1003.

Vox Lemm publishes86 in no. cxxiv of his Miscellen a leaf in the
Golenishchev collection containing part of a sermon or letter ; it is for,
or about, anchorites, and may very possibly be the work of Shenoute.

Of the greatest importance is Chassinat's edition87 of the fine Cairo
MS. of Shenoute, which now appears printed with great care, page by page,
like the original. He does not supply translation or commentary, but
the contents were already known from Leipoldt's publication. A review 88
by Maspero has appeared.

Three passages of Shenoute's sermons, in Amelineau's edition, are the
subject89 of nos. cxviii, cxix, and cxxv of von Lemm's Miscellen. In the
last90 Shenoute had spoken of the tpe ntpe aud mpeue nmpene, the heaven
of heaven and the heavens of heavens, and explains it as no more than an
amplification of such a phrase as " the heaven and heaven of heavens " in
Deut. x, 14, I Kings viii, 27, or II Chron. vi, 18.

Nau continues his edition91 of the Greek Apophthegmata Patrum
(v. Report, 1909-10, 60) from MS. Coislin. 108. As before, he refers his
readers to Migne for the Latin translation.

The eleventh volume of Wessely's Studien mentioned above contains
texts92 which, on Krall's authority, are ascribed to Theodore, the successor
of Horsiese, and to Theodore and Pachomius. There are also two leaves
from the Apophthegmata, briefly described in the Ausstellung Catalogue,
no. 107.

Mention may perhaps here be made of a combined review93 by H.
D[elehaye] of Hunt's catalogue mentioned above, Part viii of the
Oxyrhynchus Papyri (v. last Report, 62, etc), Meyer's Libelli (v. last
Report, 70), and the publications94 of the Italian Society for the discovery
and study of Greek papyri, which has not yet been mentioned in this Eeport.
It includes a fifth-century papyrus which has on one side the passion of
St. Paphnutius and on the other the acts of St. Christina, and is edited by

A vellum Coptic manuscript (tenth century) has been added95 to the
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