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Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1911-1912

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Christian Egypt.


Oriental MSS. department of the British Museum, containing discourses
by Bishop Psote and Severus of Antioch.

G. Graf describes96 an Arabic work, the kitab el-burhan, extant in
MSS. at Jerusalem and Beyrout, falsely ascribed to Athanasius, which he
believes to be by the Patriarch Eutychius, the author of the famous
Annals. He proposes to publish extracts from it with a full introduction.
Mention may perhaps be made here of reviews,97 in which there is a
considerable amount of matter of Egyptian interest, by Graf and
Baumstark of various volumes of the Patrologia Orientalis which have
appeared in the last few years, and of a similar combined review98 by
I. G[uidi].

The Universal History of Agapius of Menbij has now appeared99 under
the editorship of Cheikho. Even though A. was not an Egyptian, he
deserves mention here as an authority for the history of Melchite opinions
up to and in the tenth century. At the same time has appeared100 the
second part of Vasiliev's edition (with French translation) of the same work.

The fourth edition101 of Maspero's Contes populaires contains the
Coptic Alexander-story. It is to be hoped that an English translation
may soon appear, as the book is admirably adapted for general readers.
There has been a review102 by E. Andersson.

An ostracon published103 by Spiegelberg in no. liv of his Miscellen is
of great interest as being nothing else than a part of a catalogue of books.
The two works mentioned on it are a sermon of Apa Sarapion on the
cursing of the fig-tree and another of St. Cyril on a subject of which the
title is lost. A. Ehrhard discusses the former at some length, comparing
ic with sermons on the same subject by pseudo-Chrysostom and John of
Damascus, both of which were read on Monday in Holy Week. He raises
the question (without attempting an answer) whether the first of these
could be identical with the sermon of Sarapion here mentioned.

The commentary103a of Abu '1-Earag [Abdullah Ibn et-Tayyib] on the
four Gospels has been printed in two volumes, edited by Yussuf Mangarius,
overseer of the Coptic clerical school, at the Tewfik press; and from the
same press comes a volume103b of homilies for Sundays and Lent.

5. History, Legends, etc.—The first volume104 of the new large work on
Medieval History, published at Cambridge, contains a valuable conspectus
of early Egyptian monasticism by E. C. Butler, as well as an account
of the religious movements of the East in the fifth century by Alice
Gardner ; the latter's statement (p. 50S) that " there is some evidence that
the blow which put an end to his [Nestorius'] sufferings was dealt by the
hand of Senuti himself " seems to require further confirmation.

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