Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1911-1912

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Osireion, the, a subterranean Hall at, doorway in, indicating an

entrance to a passage. ....... XXI. 2.

Osiris, the Temple of, the head of the god Osiris said to have been

buried there. ..... XXI. 1.

„ „ is the Temple at Abydos built by Seti I. . XXI. 1.

Osorkon I., fragment of a statue of, in Naples. Wiedemann. . XXI. 27.

Oxyrhynchus Papyri. Part IX. ...... XXI. 44.


Pachomius, St., a biography of, in a Coptic MS. from the Fayum.. XXI. 54.

Palettes, two early, from Egypt. Newbebey. .... XXI. 43.

Papyri found at Oxyrhynchus by the Italian explorers. . . XXI. 46.

Papyrus of the Hyksos period. ...... XXI. 27.

Passage leading out of the Hall at the Osireion. . . . XXI. 1.

„ Chapters of the Book of the Dead, and vignettes, on the

walls of......... XXI. 1.

Passover, a reference to on an ostracon. Satce. . . . XXI. 34.
Patriarchs of Alexandria, a list of the first hundred, from an

Ethiopic MS. Geebaut....... XXI. 67.

Pelusiac worship of the leek. Jacoby. ..... XXI. 39.

Pepiankh, a nomarch of the Vlth Dynasty, his Tomb-Chapel in the

necropolis near Meir. ...... XXI. 9.

Eeliefs in his Tomb-Chapel...... XXI. 10.

Personal pronouns, Egyptian. Bissing. ..... XXI. 35.

Pesunthius, St., Bishop of Coptos, extracts from the correspondence

of. Eevillout. ........ XXI. 68.

Peter, the Apocalypse of, discovered by Geebaut. . . . XXI. 59.

Petuaa, the landed property of under the first Ethiopian Dynasty. XXI. 30.

Philosophy of a Memphite priest. Ebman. .... XXI. 38.

Phomissae, the, of Euripides, fragments of in the Oxyrhynchus

Papyri........... XXI. 46.

Pot coffins found at Taieba. ....... XXI. 14.

Prayer to the Virgin on an ostracon from Luxor. Leclerq. . XXI. 60.

Prayers for the dead, the Ethiopic. Guidi..... XXI. 61.

Prefects of Egypt—Diocletian to Theodosius. Cantaeelli. . XXI. 52.

Protodynastic cemetery at Faras. ...... XXI. 22.

Pseudo-Hippocrates, fragments of his Epistles, in the Oxyrhynchus

Papyri........... XXI. 46.

Psote, Bishop, discourses of in a Coptic MS. in the British Museum. XXI. 65.

Ptah, the Temple of, at Memphis, clearance of the site of. . . XXI. 19.

„ „ a figure of found at. . . XXI. 19.
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