The Art Of Drawing Without A Master — [S.l.], 1800

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1 cm
i.For the Trunk of the Body from B the
Bottom of the Belly, to C the Bottom of
the Chut; 3 Heads .

z. Front C to b, the fit of the Throat,- f
of a ITead .

j. From i to s Sc s,theShoidders,one head,
eaehwqy; z Heads.

4.0.S. f being divided in j et/ua7 Par ts J
d now down perpendieitlarlr and o
horizontally & meet in w.w. the Waist.

IM.m.m. /the width over the TTrighsJ is nar-
rower than s.s. hut wider than w. w.
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